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April 10 2017

Emma Caulfield writes a eulogy to Anya. And it's great.

September 07 2016

Emma Caulfield to guest on "Training Day". The CBS series will air mid-season.

May 19 2016

Emma Caulfield's love letter to The 100. Here's why the 'Buffy' actress went all in on The CW post-apocalyptic show. More...

January 15 2016

"Supergirl" episode promo guest starring Emma Caulfield. She will portray DC Comics character Cameron Chase, in the live action debut of the character. More...

February 03 2015

'Buffy' never grows old, says Emma Caulfield. She talks about the continuing popularity of the show. Emma will be appearing at Dallas Comic Con this weekend.

September 05 2014

Anya and Xander reunited at Oz Comic-Con. Great pic and interview with Emma Caulfield and Nick Brendon. Yesterday, Emma tweeted a pic of the two of them from Australia.

July 10 2014

Emma Caulfield to attend Starfury Vampire Ball convention. James Marsters was announced last year. It's at Birmingham in the UK in September.

March 29 2014

Emma Caulfield bids adieu to YouTube Vlogging. After 20 amazing months of weekly musings and advice to fans, Emma's vlog has ended.

January 23 2014

Emma Caulfield on this week's Tabletop. This week's edition of Geek & Sundry's Tabletop features Emma Caulfield joining Wil Wheaton, Anne Wheaton, and John Kavolic for a game of Ticket to Ride: Europe.

May 22 2013

"Which Buffy Character" is Emma Caulfield. In honor of the 10th Anniversary of Chosen, Emma Caulfield takes a Buffy personality quiz.

April 08 2013

Happy Birthday, Emma Caulfield! Anya turns 40 today.

February 18 2013

3rd Annual Streamy Awards took place yesterday. Leap Year, in which Eliza Dushku and Emma Caulfield guest-starred, won a 'Best Branded Entertainment Series' award. More...

January 09 2013

Emma Caulfield takes Walking Dead character quiz, hilarity ensues. Blastr has an article and video of Emma taking one of those "Which character are you?" quizzes for The Walking Dead.

September 11 2012

Emma Caulfield to guest on 'Royal Pains'. She'll be appearing on the show in December. Very minor spoilers for her role.

July 19 2012

Emma Caulfield starts YouTube Vlogging. Already known for embracing the power of the internet, Emma begins her own vlog series in which she shares some random musings and answers fan questions.

April 16 2012

Emma Caulfield returns to co-host Indie Intertube. Our favorite former vengeance demon returns to co-host the popular web call-in show on Wednesday, April 18th. More...

April 12 2012

Eliza Dushku and Emma Caulfield to guest star on Leap Year Season 2. TubeFilter has a video interview with Eliza chatting about her role on the web series.

January 03 2012

(SPOILER) Sneak Peak of Emma Caulfield as the Blind Witch. Pictures of Emma Caulfield as the Blind Witch from the upcoming January 15th episode of Once Upon a Time. See pictures 6 and 7.

December 20 2011

Emma Caulfield guest stars on TNT's 'Leverage'. 'The Lonely Hearts Job' airs December 25th on TNT. More...

November 17 2011

Interview with Emma Caulfield. She talks about her webcomic "Ripped".

November 04 2011

Emma Caulfield talks about her new webcomic 'Ripped'. It's about Jack The Ripper and you can read it here.

October 10 2011

Interview: Buffy Alum and Bandwagon Star Emma Caulfield. VeryAware's Jason Tabrys (@jtabrys) has a fun discussion with Emma about everything and anything, from Buffy to the Peach Pit. More...
'Once Upon a Time' casts Buffy alum Emma Caulfield. She will play the Blind Witch from Hansel and Gretel.

October 02 2011

Emma Caulfield on the Nerdist podcast. A nice little conversation with our favorite ex-demon on the Nerdist podcast.

September 20 2011

Emma Caulfield and Tom Lenk together on Bandwagon. Hilarity ensues :D.

August 18 2011

Emma Caulfield on "Pop My Culture" Podcast. Listen to Emma Caulfield's appearance on the "Pop My Culture" podcast in which she and co-hosts Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland discuss many-a-thing.

July 13 2011

Emma Caulfield Guest Starring on TNT's Leverage! She will be in an upcoming episode of the show airing this winter.
Bandwagon Season 2 premiere now on YouTube. It's the new season of Emma Caulfield's web series.

July 05 2011

The official trailer for Bandwagon season 2. Emma Caulfield's Bandwagon season 2's premiere date is going to be announced soon. More...

April 08 2011

Happy birthday Emma Caulfield. What's your favourite Anya moment?

December 23 2010

Help Emma Caulfield create Bandwagon Season 2. She's looking for pledges to fund the next season. The original documentary (which features some very familar faces) can be found on YouTube.

November 23 2010

Emma Caulfield's Lifetime Movie, "In Her Mother's Footsteps" available for limited time on Hulu. This movie originally aired in 2006 and is available for a couple more days on hHlu (sorry all non-American readers). More...

November 02 2010

(SPOILER) Emma Caulfield talks her character on 'Life Unexpected'. And there's even a Anya mention too. Spoilerish for upcoming episodes.

October 21 2010

Bandwagonification! Looks like Emma's Bandwagon is finally coming out for us all to see via YouTube! Very excite! More...

July 23 2010

Emma Caulfield joins cast of "Life Unexpected". According to Give Me My Remote.

July 22 2010

"TiMER" and "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" will be screened at Fantasy Filmfest in eight German cities! "TiMER" stars Emma Caulfield and Kali Rocha, and "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" stars Alan Tudyk. More...

July 15 2010

'Why I Am Doing This?' starring Emma Caulfield now out on DVD. The website for the indie film can be found here. More...

July 03 2010

IF Magazine interviews Emma Caulfield about 'Timer', now on DVD. "The actress talks about her love for her new movie, the comic book she's co-created and what she got out of years on Buffy."

June 28 2010

Emma Caulfield's "TiMER" available on Netflix Instant Play. Netflix members can see it before it comes out on DVD.

May 20 2010

Emma Caulfield to appear May 26th in Manhattan Beach, CA. She will be at the event between 6-9 PM.

May 19 2010

The New York Times reviews Emma Caulfield's TiMER. The review is short but positive. It includes a picture of Emma.

May 11 2010

A scene from 'TiMER' featuring Emma Caulfield and Kali Rocha. SciFi Wire has a clip of the Buffy alumni in Emma's new movie.

May 10 2010

A Look into Emma Caulfield's Webcomic Contropussy. An interview with the writers of Contropussy, Emma Caulfield and Camilla Rantsen, as well as illustrator Christian Meesey and editor Christian Beranek.

May 03 2010

Emma Caulfield and her Contropussy collaborators to appear in celebration of the comic's debut. The event will be in Los Angeles this Wednesday evening.
Emma Caulfield talks about "turning down" a 'Battlestar Galactica' role. She also discusses what she's been working on lately.

April 30 2010

(SPOILER) Emma Caulfield: I believe in lust at first sight. Another short interview with Emma as she promotes "Timer." More...

April 29 2010

(SPOILER) The Performance: Emma Caulfield in 'Timer'. Interview with the former Buffy actress about her sci-fi romantic comedy. More...

April 21 2010

Emma Caulfield's film TiMER reviewed by Movies You May Have Missed podcast. Movies You May Have Missed (a podcast about obscure and indie movies) reviews TiMER, a new film starring Emma Caulfield.

March 24 2010

Emma Caulfield has been added as a guest of honor at C2E2. It's Chicago's newest giant comic and entertainment show!You can meet your favorite ex-demon at the PopCult and Devil's Due booths. The show is at McCormick Place and runs April 16-18, 2010. More...

February 05 2010

Emma Caulfield's film 'Timer' opens 34th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival. After a lot of speculation, Emma's new romantic comedy is given opening night honors. A "TiMER" (see photo in link) is a clock that is implanted into a person's wrist. Once in place, it starts counting down to the moment you will meet your soul mate and find true love. More...

December 17 2009

Teaser trailer for Emma Caulfield's new film "Shadow Play". It's a thriller which also has Elliot Gould in it.

October 15 2009

Emma Caulfield posts on the BtVS Facebook page. In a global post wishing everyone a "Happy Coming Out Week" on the Facebook page, Emma replies and posts her thoughts about Buffy fans. She also posts her own topic here. More...

October 14 2009

Emma Caulfield to work with Marti Noxon again. She'll be on Marti's new show 'Gigantic'. Emma tweets that she is "super excited to be a part of her vision". More...

October 01 2009

Emma Caulfield's controversial cat webcomic. Emma and the rest of the Contropussy team chat to Newsarama "about the virtues of webcomics, how an animal cast can work for you, and what exactly the title means".

August 07 2009

Contropussy - Emma Caulfield's new webcomic. It was debuted this weekend at Chicago Comic-Con. Emma tweets "Yes CP will be motion animation in a few months. The web comic is only phase one people".

June 30 2009

Wizard World brings a vengeance Demon and a Gentleman to Chicago. Emma Caulfield and Doug Jones will be appearing at the event Aug 6-8th. More...

April 30 2009

Zap2it asks 'Is a Buffy film wishful thinking or a hopeful possibility'? This follows on from Emma Caulfield's comments that the idea of a Buffy reunion movie is "circling". More...

April 28 2009

Emma Caulfield Talks TiMER. Video of interview from PIX11 Morning News. More...

April 23 2009

Faces of the Festival: Emma Caulfield. Emma discusses her Tribeca entry TiMER, as well as a rather unorthodox treatment for a bladder infection.

February 07 2009

(SPOILER) Emma Caulfield and Leonard Roberts will guest star in February 19th episode of "Private Practice". They join the extensive list of Whedon alum who've guested in the ABC show this season. Description contain spoilers about the show.

April 14 2008

(SPOILER) Emma Caulfield passed on 'Battlestar' audition. She would have auditioned for Six and/or Starbuck. Video has potential spoilers for Smallvile and other shows. More...

April 08 2008

Happy birthday, Emma Caulfield! Our favourite bunny-fearing ex-vengeance demon turns 35 today. More...

February 04 2008

Those Buffy cast members that'll be appearing at Paley Fest 2008. "Creator Joss Whedon will be on hand; cast members who have said they will join him so far include Amber Benson, Nicholas Brendon, James Marsters, Emma Caulfield, Eliza Dushku and Michelle Trachtenberg". And Seth Green as well.

December 26 2007

Emma Caulfield's Final 2008 Voting Choice. An interview with Ron Paul on NBC's "Meet The Press" determined her 2008 Presidential Election vote.

September 16 2007

Anya and Andrew reunite on the radio! Today in fact. Tom Lenk will be the guest on the 'Dark Matters' show on Karma Air and Emma Caulfield is one of the hosts. The show kicks off at 5pm PST and can be listened to live here.

July 06 2007

Emma Caulfield to Host Internet Radio Broadcast. Emma will host the Dark Matters program this Sunday on and will soon become a regular co-host of the program. More...

February 07 2007

TV: Catching up with the Buffy cast (Part 1). A nice little two-part article that highlights what some of the Buffy alums have been up to since the show ended (project-wise). More...

January 29 2007

Anya in A Valentine Carol. Emma Caulfield is starring in the upcoming Lifetime movie, A Valentine Carol, to air on February 11 at 9pm. More...

September 01 2006

Emma Caulfield stars in 'In Her Mother's Footsteps' on lifetime movie network. It airs tonight at 8pm, the LMN original is about a young woman haunted by visions. There is a trailer available on the site.

January 26 2006

Country music legends get their "Buffy" on in the four page web comic, "Bring Me the Head of Waylon Jennings." It's the latest installment of "I Wanna See the Nashville Lights" -- Zayne Reeves and Mike Alves' slice of refried, mildly lysergic, Americana. More...

August 24 2005

Backstage interview with Nicholas Brendon and Bradley Cooper. The article mentions their new sitcom, their Emma Caulfield connection and also NB's thoughts on Xander post-Season 4.

August 22 2005

Emma Caulfield in new Spielberg Film "Munich" ...but, not a lot of additional information about the film or the role as this project has a lot of secrecy and controversy surrounding it already.

July 13 2005

Emma Caulfield update. Emma posted saying that there is interest for distribution of Bandwagon and that she is currently shooting a film in Malta.

June 18 2005

Bandwagon Wins Maverick Award. The independent movie co-produced by, and starring, Emma Caulfield wins an award at the Newport Beach Film Festival. More...

April 18 2004

Emma Caulfield on her new movie 'Bandwagon'. "I look at what's been happening with free speech in this country, at the way Howard Stern is being treated by the FCC, for instance, and it appalls me".

November 12 2003

Emma Caulfield to star in ABC Family movie. She'll be appearing alongside Jason Priestly and Bradley Cooper from 'Alias' in a film about a reality TV show. More...

February 03 2003

Emma Caulfield interview. She speaks about her fashion style and tells a very scary story about a Buffy fan.

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January 24 2003

"Darkness Falls... on it's Face," says one critic. Very little praise has amounted from Emma Caulfield's latest movie, "Darkness Falls." More...

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