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October 16 2016

Buffy Summers is one of Entertainment Weekly's 50 most powerful superheroes. Characters were rated in Cultural Impact, Bankability, Design, Modern Relevance, Mythology, Nemeses, Originality, Personality, and Powers categories. Buffy beat quite a lot of well known names.

March 05 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar discusses why there won't be a Buffy reunion movie. ""What people don't realize-they forget Buffy was a failed movie," Gellar, the No Kid Hungry spokesperson, says... "Buffy didn't work as a movie.""

November 10 2014

23 one-season TV wonders. You can probably guess which Whedon show made this EW list.

November 16 2013

Our Favorite TV Small Towns. Our favorite Hellmouth earns a spot on this EW list.

April 11 2012

EW suggests Whedon as Catching Fire replacement. Since Gary Ross has dropped out, Catching Fire is going to need someone who can handle a strong female character. More...

March 07 2011

Entertainment Weekly remembers Firefly. With Firefly airing on the Science Channel last night, columnists Ken Tucker and Jeff Jensen talk about the show and what it means to them. More...

May 27 2010

Buffy is on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly. She's one of the magazine's 100 greatest characters of the last twenty years and the issue will feature "Joss Whedon on the elements that make up Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

March 17 2010

The Bronze is one of 18 classic movie/TV bars. So says Entertainment Weekly.

August 14 2009

If We Ran Entertainment Weekly... we would totally run this fake EW Whedonverse cover every single week. Check out The TV Addict's preference over the endless Twilight covers we've been getting. More...

November 13 2008

Neil Patrick Harris one of Entertainment Weekly's top 25 Entertainers of the Year. They credit, in part, his "old-school star turn" in " Joss Whedon's wildly successful online musical Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog."

October 02 2008

Dingos Ate My Baby - A real-cool fake band. Entertainment Weekly has selected Buffy the Vampire Slayer's very own Dingoes Ate My Baby as one of 20 Real-Cool Fake Bands from TV and Movies.

June 23 2008

The thing that made me like you (even more): SMG edition. EW writer Mandi Bierly writes about her talk with SMG for the magazine's 1000th issue. Also, find out which South Park character competed with Cartman for her Top 10 nod. More...

June 20 2008

Buffy is placed in EW's top 100 list of TV shows. With a compliment of "genius" to Whedon, where does our show place? (Also inclusions of Whedon assisted films such as Speed and Toy Story in the top 100 list for Film) More...
SMG tell Entertainment Weekly about 10 male TV roles she wishes she could play. She's also featured as Buffy, on the cover from this week's 1000th issue of the magazine.

August 13 2007

PopWatch's Michael Slezak is buzzing on Chuck. EW's TV columnist loves Chuck, fears for Jezebel James, and loathes Cavemen. Includes a three minute YouTube trailer with glimpses of Adam throughout. Also mentioned are Bionic Woman, Pushing Daisies and Reaper.

August 10 2007

EW profiles "Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby?" Entertainment Weekly featured Allyson Beatrice's book in its July 30th edition. If you missed that, get caught up online.

January 28 2007

Entertainment Weekly's 10 greatest TV villains. Angelus comes in at no. 3 beating the likes of Twin Peaks' Leland Palmer and The One-Armed Man from The Fugitive. More...

January 04 2007

Buffy is an "Entertainment Weekly Big Event for 07". Buffy Season 8 comic checks in at number 8 on the Top 20 Big Events EW anxiously awaits in 2007.

November 02 2006

The most underrated TV stars. Entertainment Weekly readers pick Nathan Fillion as one of those actors who deserve more fame.

September 26 2006

Entertainment Weekly's TV Crushes. Much love for Buffy, Willow, Spike and Cordelia from the magazine's readers.

June 10 2006

Dalton Ross incurs the ire of Browncoats. Last week, Entertainment Weekly senior editor Dalton Ross listed the five best TV shows to not make it past their first season. Firefly was not on the list, and fans took notice. More...

October 22 2005

Joss cites 'Watchmen' as influence. A look at how the groundbreaking comic Watchmen came to be and how it continues to have influence. Says Whedon: "Watchmen took the history of comics and used it as a template for examining the human condition in a way no one had seen before." More...

September 28 2005

(SPOILER) Entertainment Weekly grades Serenity a B. The reviewer gives the disclaimer of being a Firefly fan. (The grade is on the right side of their page, a little hard to find.) More...

August 28 2005

EW's Checking In: '90s Stars features Tony Head.

September 10 2002

(SPOILER) Gimme five. Entertainment Weekly sums up reasons why Buffy gets snubbed by the Emmy's. The writer of this piece closes off with his views on Season 7's opening episode: More...

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