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August 06 2013

The best Enver Gjokaj interview you will ever listen to. It's that good. Enver gives great insights into his career to date, especially in regards to Dollhouse and The Avengers. And if you want more Enver, he'll be in the next season of The Walking Dead and appearing in his new web series "Hollywood Hitmen" with Dichen Lachman. The iTunes link for the podcast can be found here.

November 29 2010

Vote for Victor. NBC poll: who is your favorite villain from their freshman drama Chase? Enver Gjokaj makes the lineup as disgruntled worker Carson Puckett.

November 09 2010

Enver Gjokai out of the running for Torchwood gig says Apparently the producers deemed him not to be a good fit. Mild casting spoilers in the article.

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