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March 22 2011

'The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy' premiere dates announced. The Tanner Beard directed indie, featuring Summer Glau and Buffy's Eric Balfour, is set to premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival which runs March 31st - April 10th (DIFF info here) as well as the Newport Beach Film Festival which runs April 28th - May 5th (NBFF info here.)

January 20 2011

When Jesse meets Darla, again. Eric Balfour to guest star in 2 episodes of ABC's "No Ordinary Family" (which stars Whedon alums Julie Benz and Kay Panabaker) to be aired around March.

November 14 2010

(SPOILER) interviews Eric Balfour. Discusses/teases Skyline and Haven Season 2. More...

April 03 2010

Trailer for "Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy". The independently produced Tanner Beard film that recounts the events behind why 'Hell's Gate' at Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas came to have it's name, featuring Summer Glau and Buffy alum Eric Balfour, currently has no set release date.

July 03 2008

Eric Balfour signs on for "Silver Cord." The film centers on director James Ordonez's brother, "who came back to life after being declared clinically dead on multiple occasions." More...

January 15 2007

New Season of '24', brings in more former verse guest into the fold. This time around Eric Balfour (Jessie from BtVS) re-joins the cast and DB Woodside as a series regulars. 24 had it's premiere this past Sunday and Monday night. Tick-Tock only 20 hours left. More...

May 23 2006

Check the DVD cover and early info for the complete series of Conviction ,starring Eric Balfour and J. August Richards.

February 21 2006

Download and Watch the Pilot Episode of Conviction. (USA ONLY) iTunes has made available, for free, the pilot episode of the new J. August Richards and Eric Balfour show, Conviction. (Link opens up in iTunes, which is necessary for downloading the episode) More...

October 04 2005

Good and Bad news for new shows with former ME alums. Fox orders additional scripts for Alexa Davalos' "Reunion", while UPN halts the production of Eric Balfour's "Sex, Love and Secrets". More...

September 04 2003

Eric Balfour Online. No this is not a memorial web site for (snif) Jesse. :-)

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