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September 20 2011

Someone familiar on the web series Husbands. A Whedonverse guest makes an appearance on episode three.

December 09 2010

Lunch with Jane Espenson! If only I had the funds and the fortitude to enjoy a lunch with Jane.

August 06 2010

Jane Espenson writing for new season of Torchwood. She and several other writers new to the Torchwood fold are hard at work with Russell T. Davies on the fourth season.

March 16 2010

Jane Espenson writing an episode of Game Of Thrones season one. She will write the sixth episode of the new HBO series, as a freelancer.

August 03 2009

Showrunners protest the removal of live presentation of writing awards at the Emmys. Jane Espenson, Steve DeKnight,David Fury and Jeffrey Bell among them.

June 10 2009

More Caprica and Battlestar Galactica: The Plan news from SciFi President Dave Howe. Chicago Trib writer Maureen Ryan is chatting with Howe today and has twittered a bunch of info about Jane Espenson's BSG projects... More...

January 10 2008

Jane Espenson talks about "Overcoming Writers' Block". Buffy, Angel scribe discusses how she overcomes writers' block. More...

November 02 2005

Michael Piller, the man who gave Jane Espenson her foothold, has died. The man who opened the doors of Paramount to young unrepresented hopefuls has passed away. More...

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