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June 29 2011

(SPOILER) Clips and pics of Felicia Day on 'Eureka'. has the exclusive.

February 01 2011

Cast your vote in TV Guide Magazine's Fan Favorite Awards. Nominations include Nathan Fillion, Castle, HIMYM and Eureka (Felicia Day will be in it so that counts, right?)

July 20 2010

Douglas Fargo's Password. 33 minutes and 24 seconds in, the latest episode of Eureka contains a shout out reference to Buffy. Literally. More...

April 09 2010

(SPOILER) Eureka boss reveals which Whedon alum she'd like on the show. Amy Berg says she'd love to have Felicia Day, Mark Sheppard and Nathan Fillion guest (interview is spoilerish for upcoming episodes).

August 31 2008

Eureka writer praises Buffy season 8. Eric Wallace says "this is one of the BEST COMIC BOOKS out there today!". And if you're a fan of Eureka, you might want to read Eric's thoughts on why he wanted the season 3 opener to be more like the Buffy episode 'Anne' (and how this got shot down).

July 26 2006

Eureka! Is apparently David Greenwalt's new show. Although the credit isn't even showing up on IMDB yet, Tuesday's episode of the new Sci Fi Channel show 'Eureka' has David credited as consulting producer. More...

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