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"I prefer man reaction."
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August 19 2011

Clare Kramer Birthday Bash- with Nick Brendon! Party with Clare Kramer and Nicholas Brendon during Dragon*Con. Tickets are $100 for the Sept. 3 event to celebrate Clare's birthday!

November 23 2009

"Hallowhedon" screen printed poster. There simply aren't enough Whedon-related screen printed posters out there. More...

March 06 2008

Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk @ Halo 3 Event on March 20. "Hear the actors from Halo 3 discuss such topics such as "Killing Sprees", "Can Ladies Own?" and "What’s a Noob?". All this plus sweet video clips from online play and the chance for an audience member to play 1 on 1 with a Halo Pro, a must see!"

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