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"And working up a load of sexual tension and prancing away like a magnificent poof is truly thanks enough."
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August 26 2010

(SPOILER) Sneak peek at the new Dr. Horrible comic. io9 gives a look at a few pages of the new forthcoming story by Zack Whedon, although they put the pages in the wrong order.

March 08 2010

Evil League of Evil Official T-Shirt now available from QMx. Another Whedon goodie from Quantum Mechanix.

January 25 2009

Latest Evil League of Evil member reveals his secret origin. Great feature on the actor who plays the circumcising supervillain Tur-Mohel.

October 18 2008

Pensees Admiratives shares her Top 10 Evil League of Evil Applications. Some good picks!

October 05 2008

Up-to-date list of ELE Applications on Youtube. Though some of these may not be official submissions, theonetruebix compiled a playlist of over 50 videos, which means there are a couple of hours of footage to go through...if one has the time.

August 19 2008

That daring young fiend. Ven from Save Hiatus gets into the Evil League of Evil video contest. I want an MP3 version...

August 01 2008

Fake Flak from Fake Thomas Jefferson. MTV gets corrected on reporting "pointlessness" of Fake Thomas Jefferson. And I think he's dreamy. More...

July 26 2008

UGO chats with Joss and Eliza about Dollhouse. Post-panel, a sleep-deprived Joss discusses creating more Dr. Horrible ('cause "it's not like it takes that long to do") and the most important thing about Dollhouse. More...

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