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May 01 2014

(SPOILER) Marvel's exclusive art companion piece for Agents of SHIELD's "Ragtag". Entertainment Weekly presents the piece and has a chat about it with Jeff Bell.

September 19 2013

Join Neil Patrick Harris for a pre-Emmys Google hangout this Friday. EW and Google are teaming up for a live Google+ hangout with NPH on Sept. 20th at 11:45am EST to chat about the Emmys and the upcoming final season of HIMYM. To submit a question for the chat, add your question on the Google event page or tweet @EW with the hashtag #EWtalksTV. More...

March 17 2011

Nathan Fillion is on the cover of latest Entertainment Weekly. As the cover says: "Geek God".

August 13 2010

Vote in EW's last Sexy Beast Semi-final matchup: Edward Cullen vs. Cameron Phillips. You knew it was inevitable. More...

September 21 2009

Pop Candy's Whitney Matheson Interview Captain Tight--er Hammer --er Pants. Part One of Whitney's interview with Nathan Fillion is up. Castle, Dr. Horrible, and various fan questions. More...

August 14 2009

If We Ran Entertainment Weekly... we would totally run this fake EW Whedonverse cover every single week. Check out The TV Addict's preference over the endless Twilight covers we've been getting. More...

April 29 2009

The Great Sci-Fi Divide: Why don't we want science fiction on TV? EW asks the ultimate question. More...

July 27 2008

Comic Con star portraits. The results of the Dollhouse photoshoot featured in the EW video interview, and more with Seth Green and David Boreanaz.

July 09 2008

Joyce Makes EW's Top 25 New Classic Farewells. EW lists the top 25 New Classic Farewells in TV for the last 25 years. Joyce Summers makes the list.

June 12 2008

23 Movies You'd Love to See on the Big Screen, among them Serenity. Entertainment Weekly gives a list of the 27 movies that are too big to watch on the small screen. Serenity comes in at 11. More...

May 30 2008

Christina Hendricks on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. This is for their Summer TV Preview issue, as Mad Men is slated to return on July 27th at AMC. More...

April 02 2008

River Tam -- autistic? EW's PopWatch offers the character as an example of autism.

January 09 2008

Best. Dancing. Ever. EW's Popwatch blog features the dancing of a certain brooding vampire and his Rogue Demon Hunter sidekick...

December 09 2007

Buffy's Got a Nut Guard! SMG gets a "get-out-of-jail free card" of sorts for her role in everyone's favorite TV show! More...

May 08 2007

EW readers want to hang out with the crew of Serenity.'s PopWatch blog asked its readers what sci-fi characters/creatures they'd love to hang out with. Our favorite crew is featured alongside Tom Servo, Chewbacca and Hiro Nakamura, to name a few.

June 27 2006

EW names BtVS as one of the Best TV Shows based on a Movie. Additionally they also include the show Parenthood in which Joss Whedon was also a writer as another good show from a movie.

September 30 2005

A small interview with Nathan Fillion from Entertainment Weekly. They talk about his career and, of course, about "Serenity". There's also an article about the box office prediction for this weekend. These articles, along with the previously posted review, will probably all be featured in this week's new issue.

September 04 2005

ME alums new shows listed among EW's Top 10 Must-see list. Magazine lists "Prison Break", "Reunion" , "How I Met Your Mother" and "Kitchen Confidential" among fall's most promising new series. More...

August 16 2005

EW previews Serenity, article features new cast picture. More...

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