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January 25 2012

Teaser for planned fan-made Fray live adaptation. This is very (very) short but the promise is tantalizing! This guy made a Fray motion comic that I thought was so great; if only there was a Fray TV Show!

May 25 2010

60B-cast's podcast discussion about all of Joss' shows. They rank their favourite moments, episodes, heroes, villains, deaths, and a lot more so, if you're interested, click on the link. More...

April 18 2010

A fan's point of view on Joss directing The Avengers. As seen on YouTube.

November 21 2009

Remains Dance. Fans put together a dance to Remains! (via MoTancharoen's twitter)

December 08 2007

New BtVS Podcast: Can't Be Exchanged For Goods And/Or Services. The host of the podcast, Claude, has posted the first episode of his new Buffy podcast... And he used the term "Jod" so I'm happy.

October 06 2006

Hyjacking Nathan - furry animal cartoon version of Mr. Fillion. A fan, Khei, has drawn up some webcomics involving a furry version of Nathan Fillion. From the site "A furry fancomic that chronicles the random insanity that ensues after a furry version of our favorite BDH is drawn with a special pencil simply called "The Red Pencil of DOOM" by our protagonist, Khei" More...

July 07 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity Screening Review. A fan review from Denver, who has attended all 3 screenings. There are minor spoilers in the second to last paragraph. More...
Serenity advance screening review. A Firefly fan gushes over the June 23 screening in Newport, Kentucky. More...

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