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November 30 2009

Blue Gloves Assault - Another campaign to bring back Firefly. The Blue Glove Assault is planning to send blue gloves to Universal on 20 September 2010 in an effort to convince the execs to bring back Firefly. More...

December 14 2007

Smallville fans out-penciling Whedon fans, so far. In the Pencils2Moguls campaign, where fans are urged to buy boxes of pencils to be sent to the six studios making up the AMPTP as a symbolic display for the writers' strike, Smallville fans are edging out Whedon fans in boxes sold. More...

October 20 2006

Boxer Rebellion for Marsters' Shadow Puppets. At the Queen Mary event, Michael Winnick, the director and writer for Shadow Puppets spoke about the project saying that the producers are hoping for a wide theatrical release and added that they would appreciate fan support.

June 16 2006 Fan Scrapbook Campaign is underway. The plan is to create a scrapbook full of items from the fans just for Jewel, by snail-mailing items to Jaina to stick into the book. The book will be presented to Jewel at Serenity Cubed in September.

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