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November 12 2012

Firefly fan film Browncoats: Independence War slated for Summer 2013. Says the site: "For six months, 16 Combat Brigades of the Independence Army held off a massive Alliance assault on the Planet Hera. They made their final stand in the mountains of the southern continent - in a place called 'Serenity Valley'."

December 14 2011

Firefly fan film, "Cache". We discussed the Kickstarter campaign for this back in June. Now watch the 8-minute film. More...

June 29 2011

Fan film seeks to tell story of Mal/Zoe meeting. Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded. To be based on a short story written by the filmmaker about "what transformed Zoe from a woman just like any other woman to the hard-ass soldier portrayed in the series".

August 21 2010

Firefly fan film - 'The Game'. More info about it can be found in this thread over at

September 14 2009

I am a Browncoat. Watch the teaser trailer for the fan film Browncoats: Redemption.

September 01 2009

Browncoats: Redemption Dragon*Con 2009 panel & trailer announcement. More information about the highly anticipated fan film can be found in this interview at Fantasy Magazine.

August 06 2009

A look at the Browncoats: Redemption Firefly fan film. The SFX website features a short article about the Firefly fan film Browncoats: Redemption, which is now wrapped and will be unveiled at Dragon Con.

February 21 2008

"Everything that has happened before, will happen syndication." Two Browncoats go to a cafe expecting free pie and Joss Whedon. Instead they uncover a deep Network TV conspiracy involving cylons, zombies, and reality TV. This video is the Corvallis (Oregon) Browncoats submission to the FairDeal4Writers contest.

January 22 2007

Buffy Season 8: "Forgotten Memories" - 40-minute post Chosen episode. First announced more than half year ago, it's really here! While you wait for Joss Whedon's Buffy Season 8, why not try Emma Paige Langley's version of a continuation of Buffy post-"Chosen" first. It may not be canon but it's fun (77MB download). More...

January 13 2007

In Real Life - A documentary about Bronzers; the residents of the official BtVS/Angel message board. Ten years ago (yikes!) The Bronze opened and the first BtVS fans found each other online. This documentary explores the real life, life long relationships that grew from the board and spilled over into "Real Life." More...

September 27 2006

All good things: The last ever episode of Cherub. The Angel parody draws to a close with "a very special Cherub Christmas special". More...

September 02 2006

Fan Film news: Muffin the Turtle Killer - Scene "1". and newly released Scenes "2", "3", "4", "finale" (or download all "Muffin" scenes along with "Vangelis" trailers to hard drive here (32MB)). From the (sadly aborted) fan film by Harvey Chin. The scenes create a nice prequel to the upcoming "Vangelis". In related fan film news, "Cherub" has episodes, 20, 21. Also sites "In the Heavy Skies", & "Slayers" have had recent updates on their progress. Computer animated series Winter may still need people to vocalise Spike and some other characters. More...

August 18 2006

'Wonder Woman: Battle of Justice' - a fan film. This six minute short led to a forty minute sequel called 'Wonder Woman: Balance of Power'. Both are enjoyable in a knockabout panto way. So if you're waiting for Joss' vision to hit the silver screen and have some spare time today, have a look at these films.

July 26 2006

Fan film: "Slayers" teaser promo on YouTube. The plot line revolves around two young new slayers in California (see "Slayers" main site for more). In fan-film related news, episode 2x04 of Cherub, "Wallow" is released, "Vangelis" gets onto Wikipedia, and whatever happened to the fan film, "Spiral"? More...

July 17 2006

Buffyverse Fan Film Fest. New article on Wikipedia has some nice info and links to many new & old projects, including one that has not even been mentioned at Whedonesque yet: the upcoming "Slayers" (requires Flash). More...

June 27 2006

Cherub season 2 trailer. The hilarious Angel parody returns (now with added Edmond the Squeaky).

June 20 2006

What might have been - Muffin the Turtle Slayer. A glimpse at the aborted prequel to the upcoming Vangelis fan film.

May 16 2006

Teaser trailer for 'Forgotten Memories' - a Buffy season 8 fan film. We seem to be in a golden age of Whedonverse fan films and this particular one looks rather promising. You can find out more out more by going to the film's website. More...

May 01 2006

A roughcut trailer of the 'Vangelis' fan film. First look at the latest Angel parody.

February 27 2006

Vancouver Browncoats produce fan tv-show based on Firefly. The fans have been working on their show called 'Into the black' for several months. Their website has just gone live.

October 19 2005

Serenity Fan Film. Link courtesy of - not a bad effort really... More...

July 16 2005

Firefly Fan Film: Mosquito. Watch this amazing video (29 MB Quicktime) - Nathan Town spoofs Joss Whedon's Firefly. More...

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