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September 30 2016

"Cult Media, Fandom, and Textiles: Handicrafting as Fan Art" - out in November. This book is the "first to explore handicrafting practiced by media fans, their online fan communities and the multiple meanings they create". Firefly is cited as one of the shows that inspires such fan work. More...

July 04 2015

Fan Friction - an improvised live Whedon show. On July 14th, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by self-professed super Whedon fans (including Whedonesque's own Kiba) at the Dirty South Comedy Theatre - dreaming up and performing an episode of Firefly you only wish you got to see. More...

April 12 2015

Joss gives answers to very touchy subjects in Badass Digest interview. Joss talks about Twitter, his comment regarding Jurassic World, GamerGate, and Adam Baldwin.

November 20 2014

TV writers and showrunners increasingly 'mute' the fans. The New York Observer looks at the current relationship between writers and fanbases. There's a quote from Danny Strong in the article.

October 14 2014

The absolutely first-ever Can't Stop the Serenity Virtual Shindig on October 15th. You're invited to the end-of-season online party/fundraiser for Can't Stop the Serenity and Equality Now. It's a great cause and a great film. More...

May 16 2014

The Avengers rally around father with cancer. Actors from the MCU have taken to social media to show their support for a fan battling cancer.

December 21 2013

"The Age of Enthusiasm": Internet memes, viral marketing, and Jayne hats. A discussion of how "enthusiasm" spreads rapidly online, and how corporations struggle to understand it and turn it into profit. The iconic Jayne hat is one of the article's central examples.

October 29 2013

The fifty biggest movie fandoms. In which we feature not once, not twice but three times.

July 06 2013

6th Annual Browncoats Backwoods Bash. The 'Bash is a FREE pitch-in picnic for fans of Firefly/Serenity and all things Joss Whedon. Held every year at the Waterfall Shelter at Lower Cascades Park, Bloomington Indiana. September 21, 2013 - 11:00am until 9:00pm.

June 10 2013

New York Times reports Stark Industries CEO to offer 2.5 bn relief package to NYC after alien invasion. Just one of the headlines on MediAvengers. A pretty well put together tumblr blog featuring fan made newspaper/magazine covers, articles, and blurbs set in the MCU.

May 24 2013

Joss mentioned in Daily Dot story about fandom and Yahoo's purchase of Tumblr. Aja Romano name-drops Joss in her piece arguing for Yahoo to embrace fan norms and practices. More...

April 17 2013

Mark Ruffalo reacts to "Science Bros". Mark Ruffalo received a activism award last night and was shown Bruce/Tony fan art for the first time;giggling quickly ensued. More...

November 16 2012

Which tv show has the best fans? TV Guide does their best to get more site traffic.

October 28 2012

First part of the long-in-the-making Australian Firefly fan film "Bellflower". They've been working on this film, which set in the Firefly universe, for over six years now. More...

August 07 2012

Fan pitches naming SpaceX's first private spaceship "Serenity". In the spirit of getting the first shuttle (although it never flew into space) "Enterprise" after Star Trek.

May 11 2012

A Fan's Firefly license frame. YouTube reviewer Jeremy Jahns shows his new license plate frame, personalized for a Browncoat.

January 04 2012

Donate to St Jude Children's Research Hospital and you could win a prize! The Supernatural fansite Winchester Bros have set up a fundraising page in honour of Jared and Genevieve Padalecki's new baby. If you donate, you could win some rather exclusive items which include a Dark Willow figure signed by Alexis, a signed pic of SMG and David Boreanaz and a book signed by the Buffy cast and Joss.

November 09 2011

Cheezburger Network launches FandomBase, with plenty of Whedonverse goodness. The good folks who brought you lolCatz and Failblog have launched a new site devoted to expressions of fandom, and the Whedonverse is heavily featured, such as here, here, and here.

November 08 2011

Nathan Fillion: Pop Culture King Beyond Castle. LA Times Hero Complex talks to Nathan about his rock star cult status.

October 17 2011

Summer Glau On 'The Human Preservation Project' And Fandom. Some MTV coverage from the just-concluded New York Comic Con this weekend.

January 05 2011

NikatNite Great Buffy ReWatch now underway. This may have been posted back when it was announced, but it's a great time to re-watch, or introduce newbies. More...

January 03 2011

Summer Glau Gets Physical as a New Superhero on 'The Cape'. MSN's Wonderwall chats on set with Summer about her background as a dancer, becoming a superhero, and having loyal fans. Update: For a companion article from MSN TV go here. More...

December 16 2010

Summer Glau Turns Crimefighter for The Cape. IGN talks to Summer Glau about her role on the upcoming crime-fighter drama as well as about what it's been like to have been on a tv show with a solid audience impact. More...

November 30 2010

Read an essay from "Whedonistas". It's called "The Girls Next Door: Learning to Live with the Living Dead and Never Even Break a Nail" and it's about Buffy and her fandom.

August 03 2010

Scott Allie apologizes to crew behind the Serenity fan film "Bellflower". The Dark Horse editor acknowledges the unintentional influence of the fans' work on the comic Serenity: Float Out.

July 06 2010

Whedonites United host their second annual "WhedonFest" charity convention/camp-out. This year it's in Scottsville, Kentucky, August 6-8. More...

June 25 2010

Charisma Carpenter talks fandom. It's always interesting to hear what actors think of the fans. She also chats about Joss and Wonder Woman and trying to change her pic on IMDB.

May 19 2010

Which TV show's fans get to claim the actor: Joss Whedon edition. In which we must ponder the likes of "should Adam Baldwin be best known for playing Jayne on Firefly or playing Casey on Chuck?" Decisions, decisions.

September 23 2009

New Social Network for Whedon Fans. It looks like another Whedon Fan Group just sprung up. More...

September 22 2009

Whedon's hit-free adventures. Variety's television columnist, Brian Lowry, dissects the niche appeal of Joss's shows. More...

August 31 2009

"Everything Is For Sale" - a look at the sucess of Buffy. PopMatters examines the fandom and the merchandising of Buffy.

August 27 2009

Comments about, and by, Joss re: the "fangirl invasion". Newsarama looks at a posited increasing presence of women and girls in genre fandom. Joss is spoken of, and also himself quoted on the issue.

July 23 2009

'Participate: The Revolution of Fan Culture' - a documentary. A very interesting look at fandom, features some great quotes from Joss.

March 26 2009

Yet another Firefly-related xkcd. "The Uncomfortable Truths Well".

March 04 2009

Cut! Actors take five to Twitter their fans. LA Times discusses use of Twitter by celebs, including Felicia Day (who was famously caught "twittering under the table" at the Dr. Horrible panel.) More...

March 01 2009

Extras sought for the fan film "Browncoats: Redemption". If you've ever entertained the notion of appearing in the 'Verse, well this could be your lucky day.

February 21 2009

Activate Dollhouse - share the show with friends. Like Dollhouse? Then spread the word with the help of this latest fan effort.

January 11 2009

Actors Who Get Fandom: Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion. Just another reason why we love them.

December 26 2008

Whedonesque made's top 100 list. A list of the top 100 TV-related items of 2008, with Whedonesque at number 53. More...

November 22 2008

Browncoats: Redemption - a fan film for charity. The makers plan for it be released in Fall 2010 and the intention is donate proceeds from the sale of the DVD to charity. The latest update on their Facebook profile says "received word that THE MAN sent word that we "have his blessing and it's cool as far as he is concerned"". More...

October 29 2008

Buffy and Angel Conquer the Internet: Essays on Online Fandom. This scholarly look at the wackiness that is our fandom will be coming out some time next year. Buying the book will set you back $35 and it's available for pre-ordering over at

July 20 2008

Dr. Horrible: The Early Years. The dawn of a new fan series?

July 13 2008

Megan Gogerty puts out "I Miss Buffy" tribute album. She previously released the "I miss Buffy T.V.S." single; now she's updated it (with electric guitars!) and has a whole rockin' album. More...

July 06 2008

In Popular Culture. Webcomic xkcd uses Firefly and Buffy (among others) to illustrate the wonderful world of editing Wikipedia.
Boston Herald's business section reports on success of Serenity screening at Brookline's independent Coolidge Corner Theater. More...

July 01 2008

Joss Whedon hopes to tease fans into buying DVDs of his musical. ValleyWag's San Fran editor takes the view that Dr. Horrible is sure to be pirated, and posits that Whedon's "distribution twist" is just free publicity. More...

June 11 2008

Some more Serenity Tales. Plenty of good reading material for you today, there's four new comics set in the 'Verse and also links to a couple of webcomics.

April 11 2008

(SPOILER) The Flip, the Flail and the Flounce: When Fandom Implodes. Merlin Missy takes a humorous look at fandom. "This essay contains spoilers of Torchwood S2, episode one of S4 Doctor Who, episode one of S4 Battlestar Galactica, and Issue 12 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8".

March 27 2008

Geek - Stories of People Taking Things Too Seriously. Call for submissions: artists, writers, everyone... what are you a geek about? More...

March 14 2008

Click Critics: The Power of Fan Websites Tickets Go On Sale. Whedonesque readers are eligible for discounted tickets (member price, $8) to the spring Paley Center event in New York City on May 19th. Tickets go on sale at noon Eastern Time today. Note: this is a panel of fan website mods/admins, not the actors/creators panel taking place in LA. Additional details on the event below. More...

February 22 2008

A Map of the 'Verse. It's an unofficial fan effort for the Serenity RPG and it's really good. Even if you're not into role playing it's well worth checking out. And if you want to know more about the making of it, then click here.

February 19 2008

California Browncoats have a new and improved website up. danregal of the SoCal Browncoats has announced that a swanky new website is up that offers lots of details on the California Browncoats' fundraising and volunteering efforts. An RSS feed is also available.

February 13 2008

Skinny White Chick skewers fandom in celebration of the end of the Strike. Video from Skinny White Chick celebrating the end of the strike, but asking the Browncoats to leave her alone. It's all in good fun, but the song does contain some NSFW language. More...

February 10 2008

SC3: Slayage Conference on the Whedonverse. June 5-8, 2008--Scholars and fans gather for a third time to analyze all things Whedonesque. Jeanine Basinger is a keynote speaker. More...

January 10 2008

Buffy get-together in Melbourne next Saturday. A bunch of fans will be watching the Buffy season 2 finale and an encore screening of Once More With Feeling and are looking for more like-minded people to join them. And if anyone here wants to mention their Buffy/Angel/Browncoats meetings, please do post about them in the comments section.

December 18 2007

Cash for the Crew - a fandom campaign. A chance to help crew members affected by the production shutdown. If you make a donation to The Work Stoppage Fund and forward the acknowledgement onto Crew for the Crew, you get a change to win signed scripts donated by striking writers. This is a really worthwhile thing to do especially at this time of year. More...

December 17 2007

First March of the Mutant Enemy, Part 2. The Mutant Enemy Day Documentary concludes, interviewing more folks, including William Mapother (Lost) and Joss Whedon himself. As someone who was there, this video (and the part before it) shows exactly what it felt like to be there that day.

November 29 2007

November issue of the Big Damn Zine now online. If you haven't been reading it, you've been missing out. There's some interesting stuff to be had. There's a look at the 76th Battalion and the latest fan tactic in raising awareness for the Verse.

November 20 2007

Buffy vidder profiled by New York Magazine. Luminosity, creator of the amazing Scooby Road, was featured in New York Magazine discussing vidding and its history. More...

November 09 2007

Online trivia quiz this weekend at The winner will receive signed copies of books by Jeff Mariotte.

October 20 2007

Sending a Wavecard - a new fan campaign. Some fans have come up with a new idea to let Universal know how much they want a sequel to Serenity.

September 15 2007

Final day to purchase Browncoat Ball tickets. This is your last chance to sign up for the shiniest shindig of the year! More...

August 03 2007

The He and She of It. Read "Gender and Fan Culture" by Derek Kompare and Cynthia Walker. Its subsections include "Fandom Meets The Powers That Be," and "Fanboys/Fan Girls Revisited," among others, and several fandoms, including Joss Whedon & his fans, are mentioned in passing. More...

July 19 2007

Allyson Beatrice interviewed by Covers many interesting things including, of course, her book, fandom, saving shows, Whedonesque and Tim's ugly child...

July 10 2007

'Bellflower' begins filming. Production has begun on the first episode of the Australian Firefly fanfilm. More...

July 08 2007 has gone the way of a... gone thing. Another Buffy fansite bites the dust and this time it's one of the big ones (the link goes to which is the new home for the former BuffyWorld posting community). More...

July 03 2007

Firefly at The Mission. Details of the upcoming Firefly marathon in Portland, Oregon. More...

June 11 2007

Blogsight and How Fans Overestimate Their Importance. A blogger ponders on the effectiveness of fan campaigns and uses the grassroots efforts to promote Serenity as an example.

May 30 2007

Livejournal Censors Adult Content, Fandoms. A CNET article about Six Apart's recent deletion of 500 communities, including fandom groups. Mentions Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction. More...

April 23 2007

Just which is the rockingest fan community? Sci Fi Wire asks the question and gives us the Buffyverse fans and Firefly fans as options. Both groups would probably wonder who in this day and age uses the term "rockingest". More...

February 08 2007

Big Damn Chefs Rise Again. Less than 2 months after the release of Big Damn Chefs: The International Browncoat Charity Cookbook, the Browncoat Relief Corps have announced a second cookbook in the works. Submissions will be accepted starting March 1st. More...

January 14 2007

'Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby?' available for pre-order. Book by Whedonesque's own Allyson about her life in online and offline Whedonverse fandom is due in August 2007. More...

January 03 2007

Bellflower: A Firefly Fanfilm. Currently in pre-production. More...

December 27 2006

Browncoat Cruise Reservations Opened Early. The organizers have opened registration for deposits on cabins/suites. Get a discount for early deposits or full payment on the cruise. Click on the Reservations tab when you get to the site.

December 17 2006

The results of the Whedonverse fandom survey. Remember the survey from last month? Well the results are in and there's some interesting findings. More...

December 12 2006

Official forums for Tim Minear's "Drive" open. Notice how I'm not saying "race on over"? I think I've grown.

November 11 2006

Browncoat Poster Project. Adam of the SF Browncoats is creating a poster entirely of text. More...

November 09 2006

A Whedonverse fandom survey. Help fellow Whedonesque poster yourlibrarian with her research into online fandom.

October 21 2006

Fans of cult shows like Buffy may get "fantasy-prone personality disorder" says Australia's top expert on cyber-psychology. Apparently some people might think they're in an alternative reality, identify too strongly with the characters and stuff like that. Who knew?

October 11 2006

Into the Black trailer. Official trailer for the Fan-film "Into the black" as shown at V-Con.

September 30 2006

Firefly and Serenity marathon in Cleveland, Ohio. When? Tomorrow actually. So no time like the present to get tickets if you want to go. All proceeds will be split equally between Equality Now and Cleveland's Domestic Violence Center. Last year on this day Serenity was released in the United States. More...

September 21 2006

Photo Contest at Big Damn Thank You site. The big damn thank you site is holding a contest for the top ranked photo. The deadline to upload a photo is Sept 30th, and the deadline to vote on photos is 11:59 GMT Oct 1st. The winner will get a t-shirt of their choice. More...

September 16 2006

A chance to say thanks. Cool SyFy Portal interview with one of the organizers of the Big Damn Thank You website.

August 31 2006

Deadline for SSC Firefly Episode Trailer Contest is Today! As the title suggest, today is the last day for the trailer contest. Apparently the ornaments for the trophies were in last week, and Hera is working on the trophies. And if you check the link on the thread linked here, you can see there have been some entries posted at the end. Check it out. More...

August 17 2006

The Buffy Summers Bridge? Buffy Summers is included in an online contest to name a new bridge in Hungary. More...

August 16 2006

SSC Firefly Episode Trailer Contest. This fan contest is hosted by and part of the Summer of Serenity Campaign. Participants are asked to make trailers (not fanvids) of Firefly episodes. Deadline Aug 31st. "The purpose would be to tell enough of the story to intrigue someone unfamiliar with FF so they would rent and/or buy the DVDs. " -Hera. More...

August 08 2006

"Done the Impossible" reviewed at A very thorough look at the Firefly fan documentary. Praise for the extras, not so much for the documentary itself.

August 01 2006

Movie Web site Cinematical talks about Done The Impossible. The site talks about getting the film free via FreeTorrent and encourages folks to still buy the DVD.

July 28 2006

Two Firefly Fan Podcasts Nominated for People's Choice Podcast Awards. Firefly Talk and The Signal have been nominated for the second annual People's Choice Podcast Awards, which allows listeners to vote for their favorite podcasts in more than a dozen categories. More...

July 18 2006

Done The Impossible starts shipping TODAY. Jeremy posted this from "The discs arrived back from the replicator TODAY! There's nothing quite like holding a years worth of work in your hands. :) We will begin shipping discs out later today, in the order in which they were received. We should have them all out the door in about a week. Also to those that have already ordered, thank you. Be sure to check out the DVD-ROM."

June 20 2006

Fan made Spike TV movie credits. Fun viewing especially for the jaw dropping moment when the final cast member is revealed. More...

May 17 2006

'Not Fade Away' - the latest fan campaign for the Spike DVD movie. If you're interested in showing support to get a Buffyverse straight-to-DVD movie released, well there's details at Support

May 08 2006

Wonder Woman audition trailer. One "young, unknown" actress is so keen to play Wonder Woman, she's made her very own trailer. Whatever you think of it, you have to admire the fact that she's gone to all this effort.

May 06 2006

"The Ariel Ambulance is in Browncoat hands!" Akin documents -- with text, photographs, and video -- Saturday's culmination of the ten-month effort to rescue the ambulance seen in "Ariel" from a scrapyard.

May 02 2006

'Cherub' season two coming soon. The success of the first season of the Angel parody series (60,000+ downloads - pretty darn good) has convinced the makers to go for another one. More...

May 01 2006

A roughcut trailer of the 'Vangelis' fan film. First look at the latest Angel parody.

April 28 2006

Wired: Why Firefly will Never Die. The May issue of Wired has a brief article on, with a photo of Andrew Schultz, the founder.

April 22 2006

Serenity Fan Campaign. Some Browncoats are organizing a fandom wide mass purchasing of Serenity DVD on June 23 to show support for future sequels.

March 14 2006

When Vern had Serenity. Ain't it Cool's lovable lug and the leading seagalogist watched Serenity during the opening weekend. This is old, but looks like it's never been linked. (NSFW if plain text can be) More...

February 22 2006

Is fandom taking over our lives? Includes the utterly brilliant fact the Official Buffy Magazine published the mock "Joss Whedon's grocery list" article as fact.

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