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April 12 2011

The Power of Fandom in the Whedonverse. PopMatters delves into an analysis of the activities and achievements of the Whedon fandom, with a focus on Whedonesque and Fans4Writers.

January 12 2008

Creative Screenwriting covers the strike highlights. The website for the magazine, Creative Screenwriting, covers the major events from Dec.5 to Jan. 4th. Included are Mutant Enemy Day, delivering the pencils and the skywriting at the Rose Bowl, with credit given to BSG fans for the last event.

January 01 2008

Joss' Quiet Riot. More on the WGA strike from Dreamwatch Magazine. Joss and Summer Glau are interviewed, and there is mention of the organizers of fans4writers and the good works they do.

December 29 2007

Bid for signed Whedonverse posters. To help fund a sky writing campaign to be seen during the Rose Bowl Parade, are auctioning off a signed James Marsters poster and a Serenity cast pic signed by Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau and Sean Maher.

December 11 2007

Whedon & Mutant Enemy at The Gates. Comic Book Resources covers Mutant Enemy Day and the issues surrounding the strike. Has a great bit about Joss' son asking him about why he could still write comic books when he's on strike.

December 10 2007

Whedon fans et al. make Wall Street Journal. An article about fans meeting their favorite writers on the WGA picket lines. More...

November 29 2007

Everything you wanted to know about Mutant Enemy Day. Little bit confused about what's happening on December 7th? Well Fans4Writers has some handy details about where to meet and what to do.

November 22 2007

Joss Whedon & Ron Moore send message to showrunners about Fans4Writers and pencils campaign. It begins: "There's a site out there called that was put together by -- you guessed it -- fans. It's a really great place for fans to go to find information about the strike and how they can help to support the WGA in our cause." More...

November 13 2007 Scribe Vibe (WGA strike blog) covers Fans4Writers. Variety's strike blog interviews a few Whedonesque members who are among the organizers of Fans4Writers. More...

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