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"I saw their production of Giselle in 1890. I cried like a baby. And I was evil!"
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August 30 2009

Jason Palmer's jumbo Serenity banner prints. Got wall? Also the Kaylee tee is now in a "breezy white, muscle tee raglan, with shimmery silver background motif". More...

January 13 2009

Nathan Fillion auditioned for Farscape. Revealed in an interview with Farscape's lead Ben Browder.

July 17 2006

When John Crichton met Malcolm Reynolds. In an article devoted to the 10th anniversary of Stargate, Ben Browder briefly relates a tale of how he met Nathan Fillion on a plane and how they ended up swapping stories about Farscape and Firefly. More...

January 14 2006

Battlestar Galactica is not comparable to the "more fanciful" series Firefly and Farscape according to Matt Roush. The 8th question down the page.

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