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"I'm so evil, and skanky. And I think I'm kind of gay."
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August 08 2010

Slaying in Heels - the fashion of Buffy Season One. The Syfy UK blogger also covers Season Two.

July 05 2010

Buffy Fashion Roulette. The author says "I choose an episode of Buffy, pore over it carefully, and judge compelling examples of the characters' fashion by today's standards". The episodes that have been skewered so far are Pangs, Triangle, Tabula Rasa, Ted and After Life.

August 19 2009

Eliza Dushku: "Fashion For The Cure". Eliza is hosting the 8th Annual "Fashion For The Cure" to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation, on September 24th in West Hollywood. More...

September 13 2006

SMG attends fashion shows in NYC. On Monday and Tuesday, SMG attended New York's Fashion Week with Max Azaria, who I'm told is a designer, and attended other parties. More...

March 20 2006

From flirty to fabulous: Alyson Hannigan goes shopping. Read all about her fashion choices in this USA Weekend article.

April 27 2003

Amber Benson to Host Fashion Show Next Sunday. "Fashion and design in Los Angeles will come together when Woodbury presents its 2003 fashion show, Metropolo: a mid-century night's dream."

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