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July 31 2016

Buffy Summers: Third-Wave Feminist Icon. According to The Atlantic, "the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer illuminates the many promises and predicaments of a contemporary movement".

November 04 2015

The 25 best onscreen female superheroes. Several Whedonverse and Marvel Cinematic Universe heroines made this list. #1 needs no introduction.

March 09 2015

20 of the most hardcore sci-fi and fantasy feminist icons. SciFiNow marks yesterday's International Women's Day.

October 08 2014

#WhyBuffyStayed: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Riley, and the Cycle of Abuse. Samantha Field examines the connection between Buffy the Vampire Slayer, domestic abuse, and #WhyIStayed.

August 27 2014

Joss Whedon blasts misogynistic video games , tweets support for Feminist Frequency founder. He tweeted his support for Feminist Frequency creator Anita Sarkeesian, who released the sixth episode of her video series "Tropes vs. Women" this week. The series looks at how women are portrayed in video games.

July 23 2014

5 nackte Fakten uber... Joss Whedon. On German website

April 22 2014

Seven dudes in distress who needed saving by damsels. Joss fans will appreciate #7 on this io9 list.

June 05 2013

Much Ado About Slut-Shaming. Feministing talks favorably about Joss's highlighting of the "Slut-shaming" that goes on in Much Ado.

May 12 2013

SteveVader101 dissects Joss Whedon's brain. This popular YouTube personality examines the unique brand of existentialism, feminism and humanism Whedon uses in his work. More...

July 27 2012

Geek, Interrupted. It's Women in Science Fiction Week at Bitch Flicks, and there's an essay about Willow's character arc and its unfinished business. More...

June 22 2012

Buffy studies inspires feminist readings of video games. Videoblogger Anita Sarkeesian cites Buffy studies as influential in her viewing of pop culture from a feminist, non-scholarly perspective. More...

May 29 2012

Ask A Feminist gives Joss two thumbs-up. Our fearless leader and several of his finest creations get a shout-out in a discussion of portrayals of women on TV and in the movies. More...

September 08 2011

Take part in a survey of feminism within the Buffyverse fandom. Research into the fandom is always to be encouraged. Discussion of this particular research into feminism and the fandom can be found at this LiveJournal.

July 29 2011

Seth Green saves the male perspective at Comic-Con's Oh, You Sexy Geek Panel. Seth Green stepped up and provided some 15 minutes of intelligent, thoughtful viewpoint (making up for the actual male panelist, about whom some controversy is swirling). Sadly, there is no video (yet). More...

May 24 2011

Existentialism Meets Feminism in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's an essay taken from "The Psychology of Joss Whedon".

May 20 2011

Tropes vs. Women: The Evil Demon Seductress. Feminist frequency explores the overuse of the succubus character in pop culture today. Video mentions a couple of episodes of BTVS.

April 07 2011

A Debate on Joss' Feminism. The linked author defends Joss' feminist credentials against this critique .

September 22 2010

Women Connecting Through Buffy. A visual representation of the complexity and depth of women's relationships in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and how it stacks up to other genre shows). More...

June 04 2010

'Dealing with the F-Word' - Joss Whedon as a radical feminist. This Smart Pop Books essay is taken from "The Psychology of Joss Whedon" which was published in December 2007.

November 16 2009

Feminism and the Vampire Novel - Comparisons between Buffy and Twilight. Interesting article about feminism and our fascination with the intersections of vampires, sexuality, and gender. Buffy the Vampire Slayer series is referenced.

August 28 2009

Men, women, and Dollhouse. Taking into account the opening disclaimers about use of generalizations, this is a pretty methodical tour through the different lenses through which different groups might view Dollhouse.

July 19 2009

Dollhouse and feminism. This ain't living takes a look at the depiction of human trafficking, prostitution and personal identity throughout the first season. More...

April 20 2009

On ambiguity and complicity in Dollhouse. A very good, and very positive, look at the issues Dollhouse raises, and how it's doing so, from someone for whom Buffy didn't work. Worth reading.

October 30 2008

Mother Jones Interview with Joss (Audio only). 39 minutes of Joss discussing his thoughts and opinions, and how they are reflected in his work. Subjects mentioned are too numerous to list, but include feminism, the writers' strike, and his relationship with Fox/News Corp.

August 18 2008

Buffy still inspires teens. Tulsa World publishes essay by high schooler on how Buffy is her role model. More...

September 19 2007

"Third Wave Feminism and Television". This 2007 collection of essays includes one titled: "Female Heterosexual Sadism: The Final Feminist Taboo in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series." More...

June 04 2007

'Tis Pity She's a Whore': Postfeminist Prostitution in Joss Whedon's Firefly? An academic essay which critically evaluates the character of Inara in Firefly. The author argues that the potential she had was wasted (link opens up a PDF document).

July 17 2006

Is Joss Whedon feminist enough? A timely blog entry in the wake of the widespread acclaim for Joss' 'Equality Now' speech? Who knows. But it's an interesting, well written critique and doesn't resort to the usual trite cliches. More...

May 28 2006

Joanna Russ: Buffy Fan. During an interview with Samuel R. Delany at WisCon 30 in Madison, WI, the legendary feminist SF and F writer Joanna Russ expressed her admiration for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. More...

May 24 2006

"I'm writing in drag." Great Joss interview conducted by SF Said which covers gender issues, Buffy the icon, Alien Resurrection and Firefly. More...

March 27 2006

The Joss Whedon post we had to have. It's all about the feminism.

January 28 2004

Buffy and the new feminism. "The blonde, blue-eyed slayer can do no wrong. Loved by men and boys for her 'hot' looks and admired by women and girls for her butt-kicking antics, Gellar's impact is far-reaching". More...

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