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"This must be what going mad feels like."
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June 18 2011

Buffy 1.6th scale Library set. A WIP 1.6th scale Sunnydale library set made by a fan to go with their Sideshow 12" figures. More...

September 15 2010

Complete Serenity crew peg people. I keep finding the crew cunningly crafted in various ways.

August 30 2009

Sasha's custom made Dollhouse figures. If you liked this promo poster then you might like these figures. They're excellent.

August 26 2007

Save Buffy Figures: Buy-A-Figure Day. Two Buffy forums have come together to "Save Buffy Figures." More...

August 07 2005

Palisades Picks Up the ANGEL PALz Line! The Announcement came at Wizard World Chicago along with an exclusive Angel PALz with a trenchcoat. More...

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