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"I used to be a highly respected Watcher. Now I'm a wounded dwarf with the mystical strength of a doily."
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March 11 2013

Slayer Hater, the new song of the Buffy Big Bads by Karuna Tanahashi . Karuna Tanahashi keep presenting new songs to the Buffy Big Bads. She has given us such great songs as Wherefore Art Thou Juliet?, You Renegade Vamp and Ooh Mr Mayor, among others, and this time Faith gets her song. It's rather Hip Hop-rhytm'n'blues-funk-ish. More...

February 05 2012

Ballads to the Buffy Big Bads #6 What kind of Master are you? The 6th of Karuna Tanahashis ballads to the Buffy Big Bads give us What kind of Master are you. This time sung " if Etta James was a Buffy fan."

December 05 2010

"If I Were A Robot." - Ballads to the Buffy Big Bads #4 by Karuna Tanahashi. Karuna Tanahashi who gave us such great songs as "Ooh, Mr Mayor" and "You Renegade Vamp" now presents Ballads to the Buffy Big Bads #4 "If I Were A Robot" about the nastiest of nerdboys.

March 01 2009

Video: It's The End Of The 'Verse As We Know It. I heard about this through Linda Russel of the Charlotte (NC) Browncoats. Just a really funny version of the song by REM, performed live by a talented Duet. Lead singing and lyrics by Eben Brooks. Enjoy! More...

September 01 2005

Win KRAD's Serenity novelization and trading cards. It's a Whedonesque competition... More...

July 22 2005

"Mal's Song" Fan Vid: "I loved the song so much I created a music video for it." Jeremy from puts video to Michelle Dockrey's song, which uses the Firefly theme as the chorus. More...

July 12 2005

Sing Praise to Joss Whedon! Talented musician Stan Peal sings Praise to Joss Whedon and also a song about Jayne's Hat. More...

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