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August 13 2015

Screenshots of planets in Firefly Online MMO. There's videos of the development here.

March 19 2014

Firefly Online: find a crew, find a job, keep flying. VG247 chats to Andy Gore, CEO of Quantum Mechanix Interactive, publisher of the Firefly MMO.

February 21 2013

Makers of Firefly 'fan-game' abuse DMCA to try to silence critic. Whedonesquer The One True b!X's web host received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act request for content removal. The developer is trying to make a Firefly video game without a license via fan funding.

August 01 2012

Fox Entertainment take action over unofficial Firefly MMO. DarkCryo Entertainment's MMO is now the "project formerly known as Firefly Universe Online".

January 04 2012

Firefly MMO not quite dead after all? A new company has acquired the Multiverse source code and intends to make the Firefly MMO if there is enough interest from fans. More...

June 29 2011

DarkCryo talk about their plans for the Firefly MMO. Will they be able to be able to get it off the ground?

April 27 2009

Twelve games you might never play. GamesRadar ponders the fate of the Firefly MMO. More...

April 28 2007

GameFAQs runs MMO poll featuring Firefly. Today's poll question is "Which science fiction/fantasy universe would you most like to see made into an MMORPG?". More...

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