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December 30 2005

Greg Edmonson posts to a fan and talks about his love for Firefly and mentions the Flanvention. Link goes to the post he responded to. More...

November 10 2005

Firefly Soundtrack gets UK release date. It'll be out on the 28th of November.

November 08 2005

Firefly soundtrack released on CD today in the States. Twenty five tracks of 'Verse goodness for your listening pleasure.

October 02 2005

Pre-Order Greg Edmonson's "Firefly" Soundtrack CD. This is a link to the product page at CD Universe. It has a sale price of $12.59.

September 16 2005

Progress on the release of the Firefly soundtrack. Chris Buchanan says over at the Official Firefly Board "I can confirm that serious discussions about a "Firefly" soundtrack are taking place". More...

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