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January 16 2015

(SPOILER) Leonard Roberts to guest star on Marvel's Agent Carter. The former Buffy cast member is in Agent Carter 1x05 "The Iron Ceiling" airing on February 3rd.

November 22 2006

Leonard Roberts is a Hero taking the initative towards redemption. Well actually it's to support Greg Grunberg's Pediatric Epilepsy Project. The cast of the show Heroes, each created a drawing of their character to be auctioned off to raise funds and awareness. They were also asked "What inspired the drawing." More...

October 23 2006

Heroes finally gets some Initative. We know Leonard Roberts (Forrest on BtVS) had joined the cast of the hit TV drama and now we finally have the first episode, he actually appears in airing next Monday, Oct 30th.

May 16 2006

NBC Fall Schedule announcements. David Greenwalt's show "Kidnapped" gets a pickup (he's an EP), as does "Heroes", featuring Leonard Roberts (Riley's buddy Forrest) among others. More...

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