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June 12 2017

Trailer for 'Midsummer Night's Dream' - starring Fran Kranz. He plays Bottom, he really does.

April 28 2016

Fran Kranz spits insults from 'King Lear'. This was done for HitFix's "Shakespeare 400" video series. If you liked Fran in Much Ado About Nothing, then you'll love this.

April 21 2016

Fran Kranz joins 'The Dark Tower'. He'll play Pimli, the right-hand man of the Man in Black.

September 08 2015

"Eddie" from Buffy Season Four on his current gigs. Pedro Pascal talks about playing a vampire in Bloodsucking Bastards (with Fran Kranz!), as well as his work on Game of Thrones and Narcos. More...

September 01 2015

Fran Kranz talks 'Bloodsucking Bastards' (and why he wants to be killed by Thor). He also speculates on what Joss might do next.

December 29 2014

Fran Kranz clarifies Agents of SHIELD rumour. He's says he won't be on the show. Fran also chats about his new movie 'Murder of a Cat', and what's it like to work with Joss.

August 28 2014

'You Can't Take It With You' is now in previews on Broadway. Fran Kranz is in the cast, along with James Earl Jones, Rose Byrne et al.

August 14 2014

How Amy Acker and Fran Kranz came to be a part of 'The Lord of Catan'. The director of the movie talks about Acker and Kranz's involvement in making the movie.

May 08 2014

Seven actors discuss pilot season. Brief interview with Fran Kranz with mentions of Dollhouse and Joss.

April 25 2014

Fran Kranz on Agents of SHIELD? - "We've talked about it". This and more can be found in Fran's enjoyable AMA from yesterday.

April 24 2014

Fran Kranz on Huffpost Live. Fran Kranz will discuss his new offbeat detective comedy "Murder of a Cat" and all things Hollywood. Fran will be on Thurs. 4/24 at 2:30 pm EDT. Tweet lauren nicole mikler if you want to participate.

August 14 2013

Fran Kranz in a short film by Matt Spicer. Starring Gillian Jacobs and Rob Huebel.

July 13 2013

Happy birthday, Fran Kranz! Fran turns 32 today.

June 07 2013

Fran Kranz discusses his new web series, JourneyQuest. In addition, he also riffs on getting cast in Much Ado and not getting cast in The Avengers.

June 04 2013

"It's Fun Being An Asshole!": an interview with Fran Kranz. From Laura Berger at Pop Matters.

June 03 2013

Reduced Shakespeare Company audio podcast with Reed Diamond. And also an online interview with Fran Kranz earlier tonight here at The Huffington Post Live. More...

April 21 2013

Fran Kranz guest stars in tonight's episode of " The Good Wife". He plays a character named Eugene. For reference, Morena Baccarin also returned to the show recently,on her role as Isobel Swift. More...

March 22 2013

Much Ado cast gathers at Wondercon on Sunday, March 31. Joss Whedon will be at what could be the biggest panel of this year's Wondercon at the Anaheim Convention Center. It will include Clark Gregg, Nathan Fillion, Sean Maher, Fran Kranz and more. More...

September 29 2012

Interview with Fran Kranz about Cabin in the Woods climax. Previously unpublished quotes due to their spoilery nature. Fran talks end of movie spoilers and how he feels about what his character does.

September 21 2012

Fran Kranz interviewed by the A.V. Club. Fran discusses Dollhouse, Cabin and Much Ado.

September 17 2012

A behind the scenes clip from 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Courtesy of Fran Kranz.

August 18 2012

A funny cool guy. Fran Kranz talks to the New Melbourne Browncoats about Joss, Joss' fans, "Much Ado About Nothing" and more. More...

August 14 2012

Making It: Fran Kranz. Riki Lindhome (Much Ado About Nothing) talks with actor Fran Kranz (Cabin in the Woods, Dollhouse, Death of a Salesman) about auspicious beginnings, being on Broadway and dealing with disappointment.
Fran Kranz to lead 'Murder of a Cat'. According to ComingSoon, "the project made the 2010 "Black List" of unproduced screenplays".

August 02 2012

Four new images from Much Ado About Nothing. First look at Nathan and Tom along with three other images.

July 20 2012

Fran Kranz talks Dollhouse and The Cabin in the Woods. Now's your chance to find out more about a certain movie prop.

June 28 2012

North American "Cabin" Blu-Ray release date confirmed! According to Arrow in the Head, the North American release of The Cabin in the Woods will be September 18th, 2012 for both the DVD and Blu-Ray releases. More...

April 15 2012

Fran Kranz talks with AssignmentX about Cabin in the Woods & more. Telephone interview with Fran Kranz about "Cabin in the Woods", working with Drew Goddard, and working on "Lust For Love".

April 13 2012

The Cabin in the Woods may be a career-maker for Fran Kranz. Rightly so.

April 11 2012

(SPOILER) Joss talks about working on Cabin and a lot of behind the scenes stuff. A lot of subjects are covered and very mildly spoilery. Also, check out the talks from director Drew Goddard and cast members: Richard Jenkins, Kristen Connoly, Jesse Williams, Fran Kranz, Amy Acker, Anna Hutchison, Bradley Whitford, Brian White and Chris Hemsworth. Plus, there's also some Behind the the scenes footage.

April 10 2012

Fran Kranz discusses Much Ado About Nothing. Fran says that while he hasn't seen it, he trusts in Joss and thinks it's going to be awesome.

April 09 2012

Joss Whedon talks about Fran Kranz, Amy Acker and Tom Lenk. They're appearing in The Cabin in the Woods (and Much Ado About Nothing). SyFy UK also has another clip of Joss talking about horror cliches.

March 30 2012

Fran Kranz talks Salesman, Cabin, Lust, and Dollhouse. As in Death of a Salesman, The Cabin in the Woods, Lust for Love, and, uh, Dollhouse.

March 09 2012

(SPOILER) Two new images from 'The Cabin In The Woods'. Featuring Fran Kranz, Kristen Connolly and more questions raised.

January 18 2012

Fran Kranz in Episode 5 of Dating Rules from My Future Self. The premise of the series is that the main character receives dating advice from her future self by text messages. Fran appears about halfway into the episode. Video seems limited to U.S. viewers, alas.

January 03 2012

Fran Kranz cast in Broadway Revival of Death of a Salesman. Fran will be playing Bernard, a great role. Congratulate him on his Great White Way adventure! More...

December 05 2011

Our first look at 'The Cabin in the Woods' trailer. It's finally here, the first trailer for Joss and Drew Goddard's horror film, 'The Cabin in the Woods', at long last freed from development hell.

November 15 2011

Fran Kranz talks Much Ado. It's a video interview with The Morning After, on Hulu. He discusses how the project came up, other cast members, and the release method question. More...

November 03 2011

Fran Kranz and Dichen Lachman talk about Lust For Love. It's part one of a video interview where the two of them answers fans' questions about the movie. Part two can be found here and part three can be seen here.

October 24 2011

Press reacts to Joss Whedon's film Much Ado About Nothing. The Hollywood Reporter ponders "whether it is in fact some sort of adaptation of the William Shakespeare play." Entertainment Weekly says "Joss Whedon announces secret film of 'Much Ado About Nothing,' ability to warp time and space at will". The Wrap says "Joss Whedon has directed, adapted, cast and filmed an entire movie" and has a plot overview (uhm, spoilers) of the play, SFX pools together tweets and our posts, io9 ponders if it's a fake (it isn't), and Tor remarks " many ways, this resembles the underground quality of Dr. Horrible."

July 12 2011

Happy Birthday Fran Kranz! Today Fran turns 28! You can give your personal birthday wish to Fran on his Facebook page or on twitter!

July 06 2011

First image from The Cabin in the Woods. Bloody Disgusting brings the first image from the horror film by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard. UPDATE: An actor from the film tweeted this poster today.

April 05 2011

Fran Kranz joins second series of JourneyQuest web series. JourneyQuest streams on Hulu, and is "a comedic adventure through the fantasy world of Fartherall, where intellectual orcs, incompetent wizards, and holy zombies form the living (and not-so-living) backdrop to an epic story of unrequited love, burning passions, and severely reluctant heroism."

February 25 2011

Fran Kranz says Cabin In The Woods to be released. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

October 15 2010

At Echo-2 Dollhouse convention in London, Adelle and Ivy are attending. They join Fran Kranz and Amy Acker for the 2nd dedicated Dollhouse convention, April 1-3.

August 03 2010

CSTS Cosplay Celebration today in Melbourne, VIC Australia. "Also featuring the Australian premiere of Megabot, starring Fran Kranz (Topher, Dollhouse)." More...

July 27 2010

Fran Kranz Praised in "Bachelorette". NY Times theater critic Charles Isherwood singles Fran out specifically on the second page. More...

July 12 2010

Happy Birthday Fran Kranz! Raise a toast, he turns 27 today.

June 23 2010

Fran Kranz will be Off-Broadway for four weeks in 'Bachelorette'. I wish I was going to be in NYC in July, because I would love to see Fran Kranz live onstage: Bachelorette looks like a lot of fun. More...

June 05 2010

Dollhouse gets entered for the Drama Series Emmy ballot. David Solomon ("Epitaph 2") is entered for Drama Directing and Fran Kranz is in for Drama Supporting Actor. More...

May 17 2010

Friends with Benefits trailer, with Fran. Does what it says on the tin. More...

May 08 2010

Opening Ceremony Of Starfury: Echo-1. The opening ceremony of the world's first Dollhouse convention, featuring: Miracle Laurie, Dichen Lachman, Fran Kranz, Enver Gjokaj, and Tahmoh Penikett.

April 13 2010

(SPOILER) An update on The Cabin in the Woods from Fran Kranz. "All I know is that at one point I read somewhere that Joss said it was the horror film to end all horror films. I like that. I think that puts it best".

March 01 2010

Julie Benz cast in "No Ordinary Family" for ABC. Also mentions Fran Kranz joining NBC's "Friends with Benefits". More...

November 20 2009

The Dollhouse panel at PaleyFest '09. Ten YouTube videos featuring Joss, Eliza, Fran, Miracle and Dichen at the Dollhouse panel held in April of this year.

November 12 2009

Amy Acker Starring in 'Cabin in the Woods' Confirmed. While it has been rumoured for a while, Fran Kranz just let it slip on his Twitter page that Amy Acker will indeed make an appearance in Cabin in the Woods.

October 16 2009

"Joss has the best fans in the world". Fab interview with Dollhouse's Fran Kranz.

October 06 2009

Topher Joins Twitter! Fran Kranz is now among the ranks of Twitter as Miracle Laurie confirms to us in her own tweet right here!

October 03 2009

(SPOILER) A video tour of the Dollhouse set with Eliza and Fran. It's a lot of fun but there are spoilers for upcoming episodes. Recap of last night's episode also on the page.

September 22 2009

Fran Kranz is Blue in Megabot (NSFW). Fran Kranz stars in this wonderfully awesome Voltron spoof, Megabot. The Megabot team is out to save the world... again. All they need to do is beat existential dread, alcoholism, and Visigourd. More...

August 08 2009

(SPOILER) Fran Kranz talks "Cabin in The Woods". He describes it as "amazing and entertaining", the spoilers being only very broad descriptions of the main characters. More...

August 07 2009

(SPOILER) Fran Kranz talks "Epitaph One" and Dollhouse Season 2. He too confirms that "Epitaph One" is very much informing the stories they're doing now, and he hints at what place Topher's arc might start out in Season 2. More...

July 27 2009

Megamegamegabot! A trailer for Fran Kranz's upcoming web series "Megabot". It is oddly awesome.

July 26 2009

Video of the Dollhouse panel at Comic Con. If you couldn't make it, you can now watch the panel online. There's seven parts in all, so here's parts two, three, four, five, six and seven. And also has a great pic of Eliza and Joss as part of their Comic Con Portrait Gallery.

July 25 2009

Fran Kranz and Dichen Lachman talk Topher and Sierra. Nice little video interview conducted at Comic Con.

June 06 2009

Dollhouse appears on Emmy nominating ballots. Eliza Dushku, Fran Kranz and Dichen Lachman got submitted for various categories in the Performers section. The show itself was put forward for Outstanding Drama Series in the Program section. More...

April 24 2009

Enver Gjokaj spills Victor's Secrets. Cool interview with Dollhouse's Victor over at E! Online. They have a brand new interview with Fran Kranz as well.

April 16 2009

"This movie is going to kick ass". Fran Kranz talks to SCI FI Wire about 'Cabin in the Woods'.

April 09 2009

Craft, Fain, Kranz, Lachman, Laurie added to PaleyFest lineup for Dollhouse. So says that Paley tweet and this one. Not yet updated on the panel page itself. This panel occurs next Wednesday, April 15. More...

March 23 2009

Fran Kranz in 'My Two Fans' episode five. He's in a web show about having fans who follow you everywhere and get overly involved in everything. You may well want to watch this.

March 09 2009

Five More Join Cabin In The Woods. Including Fran-freakin'-Kranz, Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, and Jesse Williams. More...

February 27 2009

(SPOILER) Great interview with Fran Kranz. Dollhouse's Topher speaks to

February 03 2009

(SPOILER) Kranz drops Dollhouse spoiler on LA Times. Do NOT read this if you want no more spoilers. I wish I had not read this, but unfortunately I did, so now I can warn you to stay away.

January 24 2009

The cast of Dollhouse explains how to pronounce their names. You probably already heard it on Gossi's radio show, but now they've uploaded the video for it and we can actually see those pretty faces.

January 15 2009

(SPOILER) Dichen Lachman and Fran Kranz talk Dollhouse. Video interview with TV Guide. And Access Hollywood has a video interview with Eliza, Fran, Tahmoh and Dichen from the same event as well.

October 08 2008

Catch Fran Kranz tonight on Private Practice! Last week it was Amy Acker, this week Fran guest stars in the episode "Equal and Opposite". 9pm, ABC.

October 07 2008

Interviews with the Dollhouse cast. So, FOX Source interviewed some of the Dollhouse cast weeks ago, but forgot to tell anybody. Dichen Lachman, Fran Kranz, Olivia Williams, and Tahmoh Penikett can be seen singing, dancing and/or talking.

August 26 2008

Fran Kranz goes on a date. It turns out Joss has more in common with Dollhouse's upcoming geekchild than we thought. Via Dollrific, it turns out he likes to act in web videos. More here and here (NSFW). Legen.. wait for it.. More...

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