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February 28 2007

Waitress premieres USA, France April 27, 2007. It may start as a limited release in USA but I don't think it is going to stay that way. Whoo-hoo! Nathan Fillion on the Big Darn Screen!

September 10 2006

Firefly comes to France. Uhm, finally. 8.50pm every Sunday.

April 25 2006

Serenity DVD released today in France. It's ranking 18 at, and it is the "semi-complete" version, i.e. the one DVD version with all the extras (but not the Q&A of course). More...

August 29 2005

French Browncoats Meeting in Deauville This post to advertise a Froggy Browncoat meeting in Deauville for my fellow snail-eating Browncoats. We *are* going to make it happen in France, we *are* dedicated, we *do* want to meet with you, Summer Glau.

August 25 2005

Serenity to premiere in France at the 31st Deauville American Film Festival on Sept. 3 at 3:00pm per Universal International Pictures (UIP) official web site (under "les news" on the right-hand side of the home page) More...

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