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March 01 2017

LURK: A Fray Fan Film arrives online just in time for Buffy's 20th anniversary. The short film is based on Joss's comic series about a futuristic vampire slayer named Melaka Fray.

January 21 2017

'Fray' fan film to be released next month. Backers of 'LURK: A Fray Fan Film' received an update from the filmmakers saying the project will release on February 15th.

November 10 2014

10 great comics for adolescent girls: graphic novels and collections. The Fray graphic novel from Joss Whedon makes it on Paste Magazine's 10 Great Comics for Adolescent Girls list.

April 13 2014

Joss Whedon's 'Fray: Future Slayer' is one of Amazon's Kindle Daily Deals. You can buy the eBook for $1.99. The same offer is available at as well. More...

October 21 2013

Kickstarter For 'LURK': A 'Fray' Fan Film. Fans of Whedon's first comic book 'Fray' are seeking to put a fan film into production, and launched a Kickstarter campaign to make that happen.

January 25 2012

Teaser for planned fan-made Fray live adaptation. This is very (very) short but the promise is tantalizing! This guy made a Fray motion comic that I thought was so great; if only there was a Fray TV Show!

January 02 2012

Joss Whedon's Fray: Motion Comic Book Part 1 - a fan effort. Found this with my first iPhone-search on YouTube. More...

June 24 2011

Fray - Dark Horse Digital Sale. Every single issue of Fray is going for 99 cents at Dark Horse's Digital Store

May 17 2011

'She has no head!' - Joss Whedon's Fray. Comics Should Be Good! examines the Future Slayer mini-series.

April 13 2011

Free comics from Dark Horse Digital Comics Store. To promote the upcoming digital store, Dark Horse will be giving away a selection of free comics to people who sign up for the Dark Horse Digital newsletter (including Fray #1). More...

May 17 2010

Original artwork from Buffy Season 8 and Fray for sale. If you have the spare cash you can buy Karl Moline and Georges Jeanty's Buffyverse artwork. Prices range from $40 to $3500.

July 01 2009

Vampires - In Space! Or the Future! Or Both! "Fray" gets a mention in a list of alternative vampire tales.

November 06 2008

(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy #19. Six pages to tide you over until the comic book comes out on November 19th.

November 04 2008

Whedon Speak: Into the Fray. iFanboy continues their series of articles on Joss' works with a look at his future Slayer mini-series.

August 26 2008

Vampires and Slayers Behind the Scenes on Angel Continues. Just thought I'd float a reminder that Vampires and Slayers is continuing to release behind the scenes interviews on ATS every week, this time covering Hero and Parting Gifts. This week they also feature an audio interview with Joss about our favorite future slayer, Fray. More...

August 06 2008

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #17. The second part of Joss Whedon's 'Time of Your Life' arc hits the stands today. Will Buffy work out what exactly is going on?

July 26 2008

Joss Whedon talks about his comic books. ComicMix chats with him about Buffy season 8, Angel: After The Fall, A Shepherd's Tale and Fray.

July 02 2008

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #16. Joss returns with the highly anticipated 'Time of Your Life' arc.

April 25 2008

(SPOILER) Buffy season 8 "Time Of Your Life" poster. Looks like Dark Horse will send retailers this shivers-inducing four-part poster as an incentive. Any chance it might be turned into a series of third variant covers ? It's just that awesome.

April 18 2008

(SPOILER) CBR feature on the upcoming Buffy season 8 arc. There's a first look at the very impressive cover art for issue 17 for starters. And a great interview with Dark Horse's Sierra Hahn about the "Time of Your Life" arc.

April 05 2008

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's official solicitation for Buffy #16. Release date and description for part I of Joss' next arc. Will add the variant cover as soon as it's up.

March 27 2008

Geek - Stories of People Taking Things Too Seriously. Call for submissions: artists, writers, everyone... what are you a geek about? More...

March 26 2008

(SPOILER) Moline returns to the 'Fray': News and Spoilers for Buffy #16. "There are going to be definite character evolutions that people will not expect and people will be thrilled, hopefully, by everything Joss hands them. Personally, I am thrilled getting these scripts."

February 10 2008

SC3: Slayage Conference on the Whedonverse. June 5-8, 2008--Scholars and fans gather for a third time to analyze all things Whedonesque. Jeanine Basinger is a keynote speaker. More...

December 19 2007

The Dark Horse holiday card. It features a welcome glimpse of Dandelion Naizen and Melaka Fray.

November 07 2007

Academics love their Whedies, too! Deadline for submissions to SW/TX PCA/ACA extended! More...

October 25 2007

SC3 CFP--Deadline Extended to November 30! Although the conference website still says "Proposals must be submitted by October 31, 2007," the note at says the deadline for paper proposals is now November 30. More...

October 10 2007

Tales of the Slayers Original Art on Auction. The auction for is finally open so if you've got a few hundred dollars lying around, orignal Tim Sale artwork is a pretty spiffy place to spend it. More...

August 05 2007

Project Fray - the trailer. A fan interpretion of Joss' Slayer in the future story. And you know what? It's really impressive. More...

August 02 2007

Scholars Love a Merry Marvel Midlife Crisis. The cry resounds throughout all of academia for learned treatises on the chosen one's epic transmogrification into a comic book, as well as Joss "Whedon’s work on [the] Amazing[ly Astonishing] X-Men, Runaways, Fray, or Tales of the Vampires/Tales of the Slayers." More...

July 30 2007

CCI: Joss on Buffy and Beyond. Since the one account was brief and now off the main page, here's's coverage of Joss' Dark Horse Panel with some more information. More...

April 18 2007

Fray gets a boost. Quick mention of Fray's miniseries again in demand.

March 25 2007

"Synth" - An Angel/Fray fan comic. Ages and ages ago, along came a most wonderful Smile Time spinoff comic book tale. Now they've done a lovely Angel/Fray crossover story. Enjoy.

July 19 2006

"Because all Joss is good Joss". Big plug for Joss' Fray series on Whitney Matheson's Pop Candy blog. Post your replies of support!

July 06 2006

Building the Ultimate Bookshelf. Ign's new comic special "From A to Z, every trade paperback you need to make the perfect collection" features Fray: Future Slayer on their list. Whedon's Astonishing X-Men also get's a mention.

May 07 2006

'Buffy Animated' Designer's Take on 'Fray'. Eric Wight, the designer for the defunct 'Buffy Animated' has a new blog that reveals his own take on another slayer, Melaka Fray. Plus lots of new art for his other projects.

April 27 2006

Adidas to debut limited edition jackets featuring Dark Horse characters. Joss is mentioned as one of the creators whose characters will be on the jackets. More...

September 23 2005

A Review of Fray. Joss mentioned the possibility of another Fray series in the recent Chud interview, and by pure chance has a new review of what some people dubbed 'The Dark Slayer Returns'. Also at IGN, Joss now faces off against Alan Moore in the latest round of their comic book poll. More...

September 22 2005

Part 2 of CHUD's interview with Joss Whedon. Big focus on the Buffyverse in this article. The Spike TV movie, Buffy seasons 6 and 7, Angel, Fray (another series?), why Xander didn't get killed off and the big Buffy DVD boxset all get discussed. It's a great read with some candid remarks from Joss.

September 18 2005

IGN's Battle of the Comic-Book Writers Round 3. Joss vs. Garth Ennis! More...

September 09 2005

Round 2 of IGN Battle of the Comic-Book Writers Begins! Joss vs. Jeph Loeb! More...

September 02 2005

Joss in IGN's Battle of the Comic Book Writers! His first round opponent: Danger Girl's J. Scott Campbell. Spoilers if you haven't read the GIFTED story arc, or at least issue 4, of Astonishing X-Men. More...

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