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October 06 2011

Anthony Head's "Free Agents" cancelled. After another low rated episode, NBC has pulled the plug on Tony's comedy, making it the second cancellation this fall. More...

August 26 2011

Anthony Stewart Head Talks 'Free Agents' and 'Buffy'. Short interview on the Collider website; ASH talks about his new NBC show (premieres 9-21-11), Comic-Con and answers the inevitable question about a Buffy reboot without Joss.

August 01 2011

Tony Head has "no idea" why the Buffy reboot could be happening. He gives a private interview during the Television Critics' Association's press tour, and mentions having dinner with Joss during Comic-Con. More...

June 21 2011

Tony Head talks "Free Agents". He discusses his new NBC series with Digital Spy.

June 19 2011

Tony Head speaks to There's some info on what to expect about the next series of Merlin and the US version of Free Agents. And find out why the BBC thought online support for Buffy was a Rupert Murdoch scam and the craziest thing that a fan has done to get Tony's attention.

May 15 2011

First look at NBC's "Free Agents" featuring Anthony Stewart Head. It got picked up earlier during the week. More...

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