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"Well he doesn't traditionally bring presents so much as you know, disembowel children."
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April 26 2012

Fringe gets a fifth and final season. David Fury is an executive producer on the show.

July 17 2011

Singing chipmunks recap Fringe by singing a Firefly theme parody. And they said it couldn't be done.

May 18 2011

David Fury heads to Fringe. The Mutant Enemy alum becomes a writer-producer for the FOX show, recently renewed for a fourth season.

December 19 2010

Take me out, to the black (hole), tell them I ain't comin' back. A well-made mash up in preparation for the next Fringe episode "Firefly". Created by 'The Fringe Network', a group of fans attempting to raise awareness of the show and gain new fans.

December 09 2010

Fringe moves to the Friday night death slot, first episode of 2011 to be titled "Firefly". An inside-joke that we understand all too well. More...

August 10 2009

Fringe & Dollhouse crossover! Well okay.. Maybe not really, but Television Without Pity thinks it'd be cool.

November 27 2008

Zack Whedon's "Fringe" Debut on Hulu. From what I can tell, this is the first episode where Zack was credited as a writer.

November 14 2006

Keep the Fringe Flyin'. A present for Nathan Fillion. A donation drive to honour Nathan Fillion, for his next birthday, March 27, 2007. All donations will go directly to Fringe Theatre Adventures (FTA) in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. FTA is a 25-year old, professionally operated, not-for-profit Theatre company. FTA provides valuable opportunities for emerging actors while aiming to diversify and expand the theatrical audience. More...

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