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"My mom gave me yucky chips again. Do you want them?"
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November 22 2012

Unflattering Buffy screencaps. Just came across this Tumblr blog on another site and thought it would be good for a laugh. Happy Thanksgiving guys!

May 21 2010

Patton Oswalt guests on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher at 10pm tonight (Friday). Features Dollhouse and United States of Tara actor Patton Oswalt, NYU professor and author Nouriel Roubini, author Ayaan Hirsi Ali, radio host and professor Michael Eric Dyson, and columnist John Fund. More...

July 28 2008

Felicia's "Twitter" moment. As she requested, Felicia Day's "Twitter" comment from the Dr. Horrible panel, immortalized at Vimeo.

November 07 2007

That about sums it up... I think today's 'Head Trip' sums up our hopes for Dollhouse. More...

December 29 2005

You know you're addicted to Buffy when.... Pretty funny stuff, including "You're on a first name basis with all the actors of BtVS except that you've never met them." and "Whenever you quote Buffy Verse, you laugh hysterically while your friends stare at you like you've grown another ear." More...

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