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"I watched 'Passions' with Spike. Let us never speak of it."
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October 05 2011

American Horror Story premieres tonight on FX! Tim Minear is involved, though it's difficult (read: impossible) to find that out through IMDB. Looks like it starts at 10pm on the West Coast.

August 03 2010

FX President Landgraf talks about that legendary lunch with Joss. Remember the one? Find out what it was really all about!

January 17 2010

News from the TCA press tour: A Joss Whedon show on FX? John Landgraf, the network president, says that he'll be having lunch with Joss in a couple of weeks (as a result of Joss' representatives calling and scheduling). Landgraf says "I have enormous respect for him".

July 21 2009

Programadas para el perigo: Dollhouse gets a premiere date in Latin America next week (excluding Brazil). It will premiere on CanalFX on July 28th at 10pm. The link is to theme site which includes the trailer, show on tv in recent weeks. Premiere date in Brazil is August 13th, also at 10pm. More...

June 20 2007

Digital effects artist Bryan Whitaker live interview on 'Film Nut'. In 30 minutes (8PM PDT, 3AM UTC/GMT) the live, *interactive* webcast show will interview a Zoic Studios digital effects artist from "Buffy" "Angel," and "Firefly" (and "How I Met Your Mother" and "Dracula 2000"). Also at Archive. More...

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