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March 23 2008

One Whedon Fan's Report From The Paley Festival. Monique from "My Celebrity Encounters" has a report on her week at the Paley Festival, especially seeing the Chuck and Buffy panels. It includes a clip on how Sarah Michelle Gellar prepared for the classic episode, "The Body." It also has great pictures from that panel.

January 11 2008

The latest actual "Official" trailer for "The Air I Breathe". This trailer for SMG's latest movie is the one that will be appearing in theaters in NY & LA starting today. More...

December 25 2007

SMG's Christmas gift for Santa. Here's the perfect Christmas find from YouTube, a cute little SMG leaves Santa Claus a selection of Little Debbies. Happy holidays, everyone!

December 07 2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar appears at #80 in Empire's list of the 100 Sexiest Movie Stars. Sarah appears in yet another list of the sexiest movie stars throughout film history. More...

November 12 2007

(SPOILER) First review of Southland Tales is out. The Associated Press gives it one out of four stars, saying it has impressive images...but a confused story. It will open Wednesday in NY and LA, and Friday everywhere

October 19 2007

Hollywood Reporter column compares Buffy Musical with "Viva Laughlin". An interesting column from Andrew Wallenstein of the Hollywood Reporter compares "Once More With Feeling" to the premiere of Viva Laughlin in a discussion of how some TV shows take the risk of making musical episodes. More...
Release date for Southland Tales Changed Again. Richard Kelly has announced in his MySpace site Southland Tales with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Dwayne Johnson, and many more will be released in New York and L-A on November 14th, instead of the ninth, and elsewhere on the 16th. More...

October 11 2006

No more TV for Sarah Michelle Gellar. Sarah Michelle Gellar says that she doesn't think she could ever do a one hour series again because it is too exhausting.

October 09 2006

Co-star announced for Sarah Michelle Gellar's Addicted movie. Wonderfall's Lee Pace will be starring opposite Sarah in the supernatural thriller which is set to begin shooting later this month.

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