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August 20 2010

"Serenity" fine movie to get teens into sci-fi. So says Michael Booth of The Denver Post in his "Family Films on DVD" column. "If [your young teenagers] see 'Star Wars' as a Happy Meal toy series, or 'Star Trek' as a lightspeed vehicle for mega-geeks, the humor, romance and action of 'Serenity' might hook them on the genre."

September 16 2006

(SPOILER) Veronica Mars Creator Compares/Contrasts His Show With Buffy. Debate simmers on the thread over whether they really are spoilers and the degree of spoilage. Caveat lector. More...

July 08 2005

The Big Gay Picture: Coming Soon - The Gay Genre! "On television, both BtVS & Xena managed to incorporate some seriously gay characters into the fantasy/action-adventure genre." More...

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