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May 19 2010

IF Magazine interviews a real Gentleman, Doug Jones. He talks about his role in Legion, "I'm in ninety seconds of the movie, but they're a very crucial ninety seconds." Along with getting constantly asked about working with Guillermo Del Toro on future projects.

September 18 2009

The Gentlemen go for an Adventure in Tennessee. Doug Jones and Camden Toy will be attending Adventurecon in Pigeon Forge, TN. Oct 24 -25.

September 11 2009

Doug Jones co-stars in the short film "The Butterfly Circus". The film is part of the Doorpost Film Project, 2009 contest, in the category of Hope. Please watch and if you like it vote for it. You have until Sept 16th. More...

June 30 2009

Wizard World brings a vengeance Demon and a Gentleman to Chicago. Emma Caulfield and Doug Jones will be appearing at the event Aug 6-8th. More...

April 22 2009

Doug Jones stars in the indie film "My Name is Jerry". There will be a special screening of the film in Muncie, Ind. with Doug on May 7th. More...

March 02 2009

'Angel of Death' Webseries co-starring Doug Jones. Zoe Bell stars as 'Eve' ("The Angel of Death"), a mafia assassin who grows a conscience, along with Doug Jones as 'Dr. Rankin', her heroin-addicted mafia doctor.

July 30 2008

Hush, Doug Jones stars in the next installment of "Fear Itself". This Thursday at 10pm on the NBC series episode "Skin & Bones" will air featuring Doug in a rare appearance without prosthetics.

October 24 2007

The Gentlemen on TV Squad's top 10 all-time scariest TV characters. These frightening Buffy villains end up at number four.

October 11 2007

Empire Lists their Top 10 'hidden' performances. Everyone's favorite Gentleman, Doug Jones, comes in at number 2 for Pan's Labyrinth.

May 13 2007

Buffy's Gentleman Doug Jones signs autographs in Burbank, CA May 15th. This will be his last personal appearance for 2007 as he is off to start filming Hellboy II. He will be there to sign copies of the Oscar winning film "Pan's Labyrinth".

April 25 2007

Whedonopolis talks with Doug Jones and covers James Marsters Sunday Q&A. The main link goes to the Doug Jones interview they did at the Creation Grand Slam. Then they went on to cover part of James Marsters Sunday Q&A.

September 24 2006

Chiller Theatre adds a gentleman and a vamp to their Halloween line-up. Juliet Landau and Camden Toy are appearing at the event in Secaucus, N.J. on Oct 27-29,2006.

February 25 2006

Hush. Can't you see the Wizard World LA line up is expanding the verse. Gentleman Doug Jones has just signed on to appear at this event. 20 days until it begins, with no less than 10 guests from the whedonverse. Brought to the event in cooperation by Wizard, Booster, and Las Vegas Autos. More...

February 22 2006

A very unique site for a couple of very unique Gentlemen. Doug Jones and Camden Toy have joined force to create a website celebrating two of the most frighting characters in the buffyverse, which is a far cry from the crackups they are in real life. More...

November 07 2005

Flash Fiction Sideshow Buffyverse Contest. Grand Prize winner will receive a $450 Gift Certificate and may also choose the "Buffy" grand prize selection. More...

October 28 2005

Discover "Twisted History Vampires" and you'll find a Toy. Camden Toy that is, the verse's favorite mutli-player demon will be interviewed for the Discovery Channel show. Just in time for Halloween, airing Oct 30 at 10 pm PST.

September 03 2005

MWC reviews the Ubervamp bust in his usual thorough style with a lot of excellent photos and guest reviewer Danny Mills looks at the Gentlemen Palz .

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