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"I've got red in my ledger, I'd like to wipe it out."
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July 17 2013

Alexis Denisof runs the Course of the Force relay race dressed as C-3PO. E! online covers the event at George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch. Yes, there's a photo! Could that family be any cuter? More...

January 23 2007

When Joss Whedon met George Lucas. Mega scifi genre icon crossover heaven! Also at the American Film Institute website, there's a Joss penned tribute to Jack Lemmon. More...

January 01 2007

George Lucas has seen Firefly. How cool is that? More...

March 21 2006

George Lucas Vs. Serenity - the webcomic version. According to the PopcornPicnic's Lucas, all that pesky character development is where Joss went wrong...

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