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June 14 2013

Filmfest Munich to show Much Ado About Nothing. Original language version on the big screen in Munich June 29, July 5,6. More...

May 06 2012

Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth on TV Total with German talk show host Stefan Raab. From German television, but the "interview" portion is in English. Very silly. More...

December 12 2010

Stage production of Dr Horrible tonight in Mannheim, Germany. It's on at 19.30 at the Mannheim College.

August 12 2010

Serenity & Dr. Horrible Charity Screenings today in Halifax, NS Canada. And Saturday is Hamburg, Germany's turn. More...

June 23 2010

Serenity Charity Screening 2010 in Germany. Come to Hamburg on August 14th and punch some Reavers. Shiny! More...

October 16 2009

Dr. Horrible (somewhat) finally, officially available in Germany. now lists it (with a release date of Oct. 8, 2009). So for those in the de, at and ch areas, who didn't already order it via the U.S. site, here's your chance.

September 11 2009

Serenity and Dr. Horrible charity screenings this Sunday in Hamburg, Germany. More...

August 06 2009

Firefly finally coming to German TV screens (link is in German). The RTL Group, which has held the German broadcasting rights for Firefly for years, has finally decided to air the series on German TV. It is scheduled to air on Saturdays around 10 p.m. on SuperRTL, starting September 12th.

May 30 2009

Hamburg, Germany is registered for CSTS Charity Screening. CSTS first time in Germany! CSTS has 47 registered cities. More...

June 07 2007

Jewel Staite to appear at FedCon XVI this weekend. The mostly-Star Trek convention is being held in Bonn, Germany from June 8th to 10th.

October 07 2006

Bones coming to Germany. The German TV station RTL announced that they will air two episodes of 'Bones' every thursday at 9.15pm, starting with the show's pilot on October 19 (German text).

January 25 2006

German Serenity DVD details revealed. Check out the details and the rather nice cover for the limited edition 2 disc set.

January 23 2006

Amazon announces German DVD release for Serenity. Not that release dates on are gospel, but it's supposed to be March 2. No cover art yet.

November 15 2005

Firefly touchdown in Germany. Firefly is now out on dubbed DVD in Germany. More...

September 26 2005

Great News For German fans! MangasZene Online are giving away 100 seats (on a first come first basis) for fans to attend a screening of Serenity on October 7th in Hamburg. Nathan, Summer and Joss will be in attendance. More...

August 29 2005

Firefly Marathon and 40min of Serenity in Munich. On Sept. the 10th the Cinema in Munich, Germany, will show all 14 episodes of Firefly (in english), 40min from Serenity and a video message from Joss. The marathon begins at 10pm. More...

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