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"Whatever happened to the still-beating heart of a virgin?"
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September 25 2015

James Marsters at the Edmonton Comic Expo this weekend. Amber Benson and Eliza Dushku will also be appearing. More...

March 06 2013

James Marsters online Stageit concert, April 6th. With his band, Ghost of the Robot! More...

December 28 2011

The band gets back together. Assignment X talks to James Marsters, Charlie De Mars and Kevin McPherson about the Ghost of the Robot reunion.

March 04 2011

Ghost of the Robot's album "Mad Brilliant" is available for download at iTunes and also And according to the fansite Civilised James, they will be releasing their new CD (B)-Sider on the 15th, which will also be available on iTunes and amazon. More...

January 25 2003

'Buffy' vamp Marsters sinks teeth into rock Let's face it, James Marsters looks like a rock star. An article chronicling the recently formed Ghost of the Robot. More...

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