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June 17 2017

Alyson Hannigan on Buffy, and Wonder Woman trolls: 'I'm just like, 'Dude, really?!'. Alyson Hannigan aka Willow answers questions about the misogynistic pushback on Wonder Woman as well as reflecting on one episode that meant a lot to her.

September 04 2014

Course list for Rupert Giles, Master of Library Sciences Candidate, Michaelmas Term 1982. My library school courses weren't nearly this interesting.

February 02 2013

TV's best will they/won't they couples and a nod to some Whedonverse alumni.

October 13 2011

Anthony Stewart Head is a guest on Late Late Show. Where it is still October 13th, Anthony Stewart Head is on the Late Late Show tonight. More...

August 02 2011

How Tony Head feels about what happened to Giles. Obviously there's spoilers for what went down in Season 8. And then there's this tidbit "Head adds that he's heard there are "interesting ideas afoot" for the Buffyverse."

July 27 2011

Nick Brendon surprises Tony Head at Comic Con. (SLYT) Will brighten up your day. More...

July 26 2011

Ten action librarians. Not just quiet bookworms. Our favorite librarian makes the list.

May 20 2011

Tropes vs. Women: The Evil Demon Seductress. Feminist frequency explores the overuse of the succubus character in pop culture today. Video mentions a couple of episodes of BTVS.

December 10 2010

(SPOILER) A Watcher's Job: On Giles' Story in Season Eight (spoilers for #39). Interesting take on Giles' journey and motivations throughout the series up to and including Season 8. More...

August 25 2010

Top 10 Greatest SF&F Characters. The SFX list features Giles at number 3 and Dr Horrible at number 5.

March 09 2010

(SPOILER) Giles: A Season 8 Retrospective. A thoughtful and engrossing analysis of Giles' character arc for Season 8. Spoilers through Issue #33 as it relates to an important revelation for Giles' character (along with the Twilight reveal).

October 14 2009

Top Ten Educators. Short list of the coolest and toughest teachers in fiction. More...

July 26 2009

Tony Head voted 8th most loved UK voice. Something nice to see over your morning cup of tea, anyway.

March 15 2009

US air date for "Merlin" with ASH. Two-hour US premiere of "Merlin" scheduled to air on NBC at 8pm (EST) on June 21, 2009. The premiere will be repeated on June 28 with single episodes of the series beginning on July 5, airing Sundays from 8-9pm.

February 19 2009

(SPOILER) What to expect from Buffy #24. Jim Krueger tells Comic Book Resources all about this very special one-shot.

November 05 2008

(SPOILER) Giles an X-Man? Matt Fraction wishes! More...

August 14 2008

SciFiNow's ten best mentors. Giles comes in at number 6.

April 27 2008

Anthony Stewart Head featured in "The Scotsman". ASH's upcoming role in "The Invisibles", as well as a discussion of his work on Buffy, Little Britain, and Monarch of the Glen.
Classic Moments: Giles sings in Buffy. Digital Spy looks at that great scene from the Buffy episode "Where The Wild Things Are".

August 26 2007

New interview with Tony Head about "Ripper." "It's more likely than it has been for some time... It's all about Fox now, whether Fox will give permission but the BBC [is] up for it." More...

August 20 2007

The Host and a Watcher visits Glasgow this weekend. Andy Hallett and Tony Head will be attending Collectormania Glasgow this weekend. Then the following weekend Andy Hallett will also be at LFCC in London. More...

June 19 2007

Tony Head appearance on MI-5 is part Tuesday night nitro on BBC America. For those in the US the cable channel BBC America will be airing the episode of MI-5 which guest stars Tony Head. Click on the MI-5 video link to see a trailer of the episode. More...

June 09 2007

News From ASH's Official Website. ASH has been missing from my diet so long my stomach is growling, so I checked out his official site. More...

March 30 2007

Tony Head does a little 'Persuasion', this Sunday on ITV1. He plays Sir Walter Elliot in this television adaptation of the Jane Austen novel. In the UK the DVD release will be on Monday, April 2. Also on Monday, the Dr. Who animated series will begin to air on BBC1. This adaptation will be coming to the US via PBS this November. More...

January 17 2007

Tony Head coming to Sydney - exclusive concert for fans! The Hub Productions is holding a convention in Sydney, Australia featuring Tony. He'll also be performing an exclusive concert! More...

December 12 2006

Giles the knitted donkey. Blog of the year? More...

October 10 2006

Anthony Head Nearly Turned Down Buffy Role. He narrowly missed out on the role of GILES, because he hated the 1992 movie.

August 09 2006

Giles' jacket up for auction at Tony Head's official website. It was worn in the Buffy season 5 episode 'Family' and proceeds will go to benefit the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust. More...

July 18 2006

Sideshow 12" Lorne & Giles & a PF Spike too! Sideshow reveals Lorne at SDCC! And preview pictures on a 12" Giles and Premium Format Spike available now on Sideshow's website! More...

April 24 2006

Tony Head's talk from the SciFi Summit which was held in Pasadena last month. Snippets include Joss worship, auditioning for Giles and of course Ripper (headed for DVD?).

February 01 2006

Anthony Stewart Head in ABC sitcom pilot. Reuters says he'll star in "Him and Us", based on the life of Elton John. It's about an over-the-hill gay rock star and his relationship with his manager.

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