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February 22 2017

USA Network developing "Suits" spinoff for Gina Torres. Her character was written off the show last year.

September 15 2016

Gina Torres will recur on Shondaland ABC drama 'The Catch'. There's not much more information beyond that at the moment.

February 18 2016

Gina Torres talks about 'systemic prejudice' in Hollywood. She was talking about diversity and other issues in a live chat with HuffPost Live on Tuesday.

November 19 2015

(SPOILER) Gina Torres joins the cast of Star Wars Rebels in the latest episode. A new character was introduced last night, and she's voiced by Gina. Spoilers for Rebels. I'm not sure if the role is recurring. More...

September 27 2015

USA Today article on Gina Torres. Nice, short bio piece on our favorite warrior woman. More...

March 11 2015

Support Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion's IndieGogo Project "Con Man". Alan & Nathan are trying to fund their new series "Con Man" through IndiGoGo. The series follows an actor (played by Alan Tudyk) who was once the pilot on cancelled sci-fi series and his trip around the various sci-fi conventions he visits. There's interviews with Alan and Nathan about the project at and More...

June 18 2014

Zoe and Principal Wood -- together at last! I always hoped those two crazy kids would get together! Now it seems like they finally have on the USA Network show, Suits. More...

October 24 2013

USA Network renews Suits for a fourth season. The series has been picked up for another sixteen episodes, so that's more Gina Torres on our televisions.

September 17 2013

Gina Torres on Suits, towering over her male co-stars, and playing badass women. Vulture interview with Gina Torres... she plays strong female characters. ;) More...

April 25 2013

Happy Birthday, Gina Torres! The warrior woman and Devourer turns 44 today.

January 29 2013

Dear Hollywood: cast Gina Torres as Wonder Woman. So says BuzzFeed's Donna Dickens, armed with a list of reasons for why.

December 07 2012

Gina Torres set to guest-star on Castle, reunite with Nathan Fillion. Zoe and Mal will reunite on screen, for the first time since Serenity.

October 23 2012

Watch the Q&A from the Gina Torres/Alan Tudyk panel at last weekend's Fan Days convention in Dallas. Plus Gina sings!

October 15 2012

Gina Torres Cast in Bryan Fuller's Hannibal. She'll be playing the wife to her real life husband Laurence Fishburne. Per the article, she'll continue with her Suits role.

August 04 2012

Gina Torres on Firefly's 10th anniversary. She talks about not being able to be at the Comic-Con panel and how much her fellow cast members mean to her.

January 16 2012

Gina Torres has a question for American women. "Why not you?" is a video promoting The 2012 Project, "a national, non-partisan campaign to increase the number of women in [the US] Congress and state legislatures".

August 18 2011

Gina Torres Suits up for new USA series. The actress talks about playing the boss, and her continuing thoughts about Firefly's Zoe.

August 12 2011

Gina Torres' "Suits" picked up for second season. Series picked up for second 12-episode season, seven episodes into its first.

June 24 2011

Gina Torres is a powerhouse in 'Suits'! Who watched 'Suits' last night? Gina Torres is smart and sexy, in fact the whole show seems to be. I hope this one is a winner for her. More...

January 19 2011

Gina Torres and Marc Blucas have new shows. The USA Network picked up both "A Legal Mind" with Gina Torres & "Necessary Roughness" with Marc Blucas.

October 04 2010

ABC Family cancels Gina Torres' "Huge". It comes after abysmal ratings.

September 17 2010

Harry Lennix is "Mr. Sophistication"; Danny Green directs. One of Danny and Harry's current film projects that is in post-production; I could not find release information beyond '2010'. More...

August 07 2010

Gina Torres lends her voice to Transformers: Prime. Our favorite first mate will be heard in the upcoming Transformers cartoon. More...

August 03 2010

Gina Torres reveals her Firefly fantasy. She also chats about her new show Huge and even Cleopatra 2525 in this interview with the New York Post's PopWrap.

July 21 2010

Whedonverse actors to provide voices for DC Universe Online. Adam Baldwin is voicing Superman, Gina Torres is Wonder Woman and James Marsters will be Lex Luthor.

June 28 2010

Gina Torres' "Huge" premieres tonight at 9/8c on Abc Family. Be sure to tune in.

April 26 2010

Gina Torres Out, Tia Carrere In At 'Warehouse 13'. It looks like, at last, she can retire and give up this life of crime. More...

April 25 2010

Happy Birthday to Gina Torres! Everyone's favorite first mate and the bringer of world peace turns 41 today. Many happy returns!

April 01 2010

Gina Torres joins new ABC Family show 'Huge'. It's a drama series set in a weight-loss camp for teens. The Hollywood Reporter also reports that Alexis Denisof has been replaced by Chad Lowe on the ABC Family series 'Pretty Little Liars'.

March 25 2010

Gina Torres to guest on Warehouse 13. This in addition to Sean Maher and Jewel Staite appearing on the show. Fab news for Firefly fans.

March 24 2010

Q&A with Gina Torres: "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths". She also remarks on the amount of Whedonverse actors involved in DC Comics animation projects.

February 23 2010

Gina Torres discusses Superwoman and being a fan of Wonder Woman. She also mentions several of her recent and upcoming roles and is asked about Firefly at the end.

January 28 2010

Gina Torres in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths gets discussed by voice director. Andrea Romano has been responsible for casting other Whedon alums in previous DC Comics animation projects, including Justice League Unlimited and following direct to DVD movies.

November 05 2009

The Futon Critic reviews Washington Field. This was a CBS pilot featuring Gina Torres that did not become a series for the 2009-2010 fall season. More...

October 12 2009

Gina Torres on "FlashForward" Ep. "137 Sekunden". I just finished my weekend Hulu queue, and was surprised to see a member of the 'Verse on ABC's FlashForward.

October 01 2009

Preview of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. The video clip includes Gina Torres performing the voice of Super Woman. More...

September 29 2009

(SPOILER) 7 years after Firefly: Where are they now? Sci Fi Wire takes a look (minor spoilers for Summer's role on Dollhouse). More...

September 15 2009

Gina Torres cast in the next DC direct to DVD animation. She's voicing Superwoman in "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" which will be released on Spring 2010. More...

September 01 2009

Geeks On Gina Torres. Gina Torres visits the wonderful geeks of for a chat about the role of women in Sci Fi. (Link goes directly to the mp3, as the website is still showing the previous podcast.) More...

June 06 2009

Gina Torres on 'Pushing Daisies' Tonight. Gina Torres' episode airs tonight, 10/9 central, as ABC burns off the final three episodes of the (sadly) cancelled 'Pushing Daisies' on Saturdays. More...

March 04 2009

Gina Torres Lands Role in CBS Pilot. She's to be part of Washington Field, which is about a group of FBI expects who respond to cases that theaten national interests. She'll be a rapid-deployment team coordinator and tactical pilot. More...

November 26 2008

(SPOILER) Gina Torres on Bones tonight. Jasmine and Angel together again.

October 29 2008

(SPOILER) Gina Torres to guest in Pushing Daisies. According to EW's Michael Ausiello. Link contains spoilers for many other shows including BSG & Sarah Connor.

October 22 2008

Watch Gina Torres guest on Eli Stone. has posted the full video of Tuesday's Eli Stone episode, "Grace." It's probably only viewable in the US. More...

October 06 2008

Should Angel Season 4 help you vote for next President? A new list from io9 thinks so, It asked several political pundits what sci-fi stories are appropriate for the current presidential campaign. Jonah Goldberg of National Review Online chose "Angel" episodes that featured Jasmine, played by Gina Torres, who gave the world peace and harmony...for a price. More...

October 01 2008

Gina Torres to attend Creation's Salute to Firefly & Serenity. Gina is to make a very rare personal appearance at the November 22-23 con, in Burbank, CA.

April 25 2008

Happy Birthday Zoe! Gina Torres turns 39 today.

January 16 2008

Cleopatra 2525 (starring Gina Torres) high quality episodes free on Fancast. I'm not sure if this is solely for Comcast subscribers, though I believe that it's not. There is the occasional ad, but I thought it was interesting they have the episodes available at all! Buffy is also available, as well as How I Met Your Mother. More...

November 07 2007

Jasmine improves her cash flow. Gina Torres to appear on ABC's Dirty Sexy Money.

April 22 2007

Vote for Gina Torres as a Bond Girl in yet another pointless poll. Entertainment Weekly's website has a poll that includes Gina Torres in its list of choices for the next Bond movie. More...

March 21 2007

Dialogue: Gina Torres and Kerry Washington. Backstage interviews Gina on her new movie "I Love My Wife." Brief mention of Serenity.

March 17 2007

'I Think I Love My Wife' starring Gina Torres opens in theatres this weekend. Overall reviews give this comedy that stars Chris Rock a "C" from critics and movie goers alike. More...

December 29 2006

Amazon Warrior Woman to Harried and Married Mother of (at least) Two. Gina Torres is co-starring in the Chris Rock-directed and led film "I Think I Love My Wife." More...

November 16 2006

Fox orders three more episodes of "Standoff." Fox's hostage drama, starring Gina Torres with Tim Minear as a consulting producer, has been given six more episodes -- upping its first season to nineteen episodes in total.

October 13 2006

NanoCon cancelled. Due to low ticket sales, Booster Events have sadly been forced to cancel their Gina Torres con, due to take place over the weekend of December 2nd. More...

October 12 2006

Fox has picked up three additional scripts from "Standoff". As reported earlier Tim Minear has also recently come aboard this show. More...

October 03 2006

Fox Fall TV Line up Launches on MySpace. Among the shows you can catch previously-aired episodes of at myspace, starting today, are verse related shows Bones and Standoff.

September 12 2006

Gina Torres on Standoff and Serenity. Find out more about her new show and why she's relieved that there's no sequel to Serenity.

September 05 2006

Whedon related TV on Fox tonight. Starting with the premiere of House with guest star Clare Kramer and then Standoff with Gina Torres. Also does that House set seem like it has been used somewhere else before.
A not so positive review for Gina Torres' new show Standoff. "Hostage drama "Standoff" should have been comedy". In related news, there's also a review for Chiwetel "The Operative" Ejiofor new movie "Children of Men" here.

August 19 2006

New preview videos of Gina Torres' series "Standoff." IGN has added new videos (including a tour of the set) to its web page on "Standoff," the new Gina Torres series from Fox, which premieres on Tuesday, September 5 (after the season premiere of "House"). More...

August 15 2006

One week left to vote for the SyFy Genre Awards! A plethora of Serenity, Firefly, Acker, and Whedonesque nominees await your choices. More...

July 13 2006

Warner reveals details for first Justice League Unlimited DVD set. Several episodes features a wide variety of ex-Mutant Enemy shows cast members. Includes 26 episodes from the first 2 Unlimited seasons. On barely related news Warner has also announced details for the release of The OC Season 3 dvd set which featured Morena Baccarin in several episodes and stars Melinda Clarke (Nandi in Firefly). More...

July 12 2006

Booster Events announces, Nano-con I featuring Gina Torres. Sunday Dec 3, 2006, the 1 day event will be held in Burbank, CA. It will be the weekend before Flan 2. The tickets will go onsale Friday, July 14. More...

June 21 2006

Fox announces new season premiere dates. Find out when Fox will premiere Gina's new show and when we'll see new episodes of Bones and Prison Break.

June 14 2006

(SPOILER) The Futon Critic review new seasons pilots. They will review the pilot of every new show for 2006-2007 Season. Gina Torres' "Standoff", Leonard Roberts' "Heroes" and Carlos Jacott's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" have all been reviewed. More...

May 24 2006

Gina Torres' "Standoff" trailer shown during American Idol finale. More...

May 18 2006

Fox unveils its schedule for 2006-2007 season. Shows with some relation to Whedon cast and crew include: Standoff, Prison Break, Bones, 24.

May 16 2006

Gina Torres's "Primary" renamed by Fox. New title: "Standoff."

May 14 2006

Gina Torres cast in Chris Rock comedy. Gina Torres will co-star in the big-screen comedy "I Think I Love My Wife" alongside Chris Rock (who will also direct) and Kerry Washington.

May 12 2006

See 3 pictures from Gina Torres new show "Primary". With some luck, our "friends" from FOX will run it on order and won't cancel it after four episodes. Also features new show "Vanished" featuring the almost but not really Inara, Rebecca Gayheart.

May 08 2006

Fox pick up Gina Torres's "Primary" for full season order. The show was also created by Craig Silverstein who worked with Tim Minear on "The Inside". More...

May 06 2006

Gina Torres' film 'Five Fingers' screens at the Tribeca festival to harsh reviews. Reviewer says that the film, that also stars Gina's husband, is sheer torture and that for a psychological thriller it lacks suspense.

April 26 2006

(SPOILER) Tonight's 100th episode of Alias written by Drew Goddard. Whedonverse actors also appear in tonight's episode. More...
Happy Birthday, Gina! Well, a day late... April 25th was her wonderful day! Blessings to you, Warrior Woman. :D

March 14 2006

Gina Torres joins Fox's hostage negotiator drama Primary. Also, Kevin Pollack has joined the cast of Alan Tudyk's CBS drama.

February 28 2006

Gina Torres guest stars on "The Shield" tonight. She'll play Kavanaugh's ex-wife.

February 04 2006

New Justice League Unlimited episodes bring lots of ME alum voices. Cartoon Network will start airing new episodes in the US in February 11th, 2006.

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February 03 2006

(SPOILER) James Marsters and Gina Torres say 'More, Please'. Both Whedonverse actors are set to reappear in their respective series in upcoming weeks (or eventually, as the case may be). (Additional character spoilers for both shows; no plot info). More...

January 04 2006

The Women of Serenity featured in Sirens of Cinema magazine. One of the publishers of the magazine posted additional info over at

December 14 2005

Alias Season 4 Trading Cards features ME cast autographs. Include autographs from Gina Torres, Robin Sachs and Joel Grey. In related news TVGuide columnist Ausiello column comments on the chances of an Alias spin off, part centered on Amy Acker's character Kelly Peyton. Beware that it contains spoilers for several other shows such as Veronica Mars, Lost or the fate of Bailey Chase's character on Las Vegas.

November 22 2005

Gina Torres joins the cast of "South of Pico". The movie chronicles the tale of four ordinary people who witness an accidental death. It's great to hear more news from her.

August 21 2005

Deadlier than the male - A few good fierce women are coming our way this season. Mentions Gina and Jewel for Serenity! More...

August 03 2005

Signal Podcast #5 is up. Includes an interview with Gina Torres. More...

August 01 2005

Gina Torres interview from Discusses the movie, Joss, Ron Glass and working with her husband.

May 14 2005

Previews of ABC pilots for the 05-06 season. Some verse familiars here. Freddie Prinze Jr in "Freddie", Alan Tudyk in "Love Life", Donald Sutherland in "Commander-In-Chief", and Gina Torres in "Soccer Moms". ABC announces their fall schedule on tuesday.

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March 28 2004

Gina Torres says all original cast members will be in 'Serenity'. And according to the brief report from the Sci-Fi Slam in Los Angeles, she referred to Fox saying "Revenge is sweet...I'm making a movie." More...

February 09 2003

Torres to Fishburne: "I love you, but I miss my boys." The boys being her Firefly family. Gina Torres moves on, but hints that all may not be lost. More...

February 07 2003

Gina Torres (Zoe) confirms that Firefly will not return. "We are canceled," she said in an interview. "We won't be on TV."

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