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November 27 2013

Ranking the TV episodes that have paved the way for Glee's 'Puppet Master'. No prizes for guessing which Angel episode is ranked #1 in this EW article.

February 16 2012

Marti Noxon on The Nerdist Writers Panel! In addition to the Buffy, Angel and Glee writer, this episode also features Danny Zuker (Modern Family) and Craig Silverstein (creator, Nikita; co-creator, Terra Nova). Recorded November 20th, 2011.

July 27 2011

TV Guide interviews Marti Noxon. Another Comic-Con interview, this time the focus is on Glee but many Buffy references, particularly as related to the Willow-Tara and Brittany-Santana relationships. More...

June 16 2011

Marti Noxon joins Glee. She joins Fox's weekly high school musical as a consulting producer. You may recall she sang a few lines in "Once More With Feeling" and in Dr. Horrible with David Fury.

September 22 2010

Geekscape reviews Season 1 of Glee on Blu-ray. William Bibbiani shares his "Glee" for this series, especially expressing fondness for Neil Patrick Harris and the Joss Whedon-directed episode, Dream On. More...

August 14 2010

Neil Patrick Harris LIVE today on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show. The chat will stream live, starting at 3pm, Pacific time. Alternatively, the episode should be available to watch the following day, in the Archives section.

August 03 2010

Joss wants to direct more Glee. In an interview about plans for Glee Season 2, Ryan Murphy explains that Joss wants to direct another episode of Glee -- after Avengers wraps. More...

May 27 2010

Guardian Glee Blog full of praise for Joss's episode. It's repeated tonight on E4 in the UK, and on Channel 4 on Friday.

May 19 2010

Neil Patrick Harris talks about his guest spot on Glee. And if you missed last night's episode, it's now up on Hulu.

May 18 2010

(SPOILER) Discuss tonight's highly anticipated episode of Glee. 'Dream On' is directed by Joss and guest stars Neil Patrick Harris. More...

May 14 2010

(SPOILER) Ten awesome things about Joss's Glee episode. From Maureen Ryan. Includes the 5 minute video posted previously.
Joss Whedon on directing Glee. Excerpts from this morning's conference call with reporters. More coverage can be at iFMagazine, Collider, and Zap2it.
(SPOILER) Fox video of Joss Whedon talking about 'Glee'. We find out why he's a Gleek. If you can't access the video due to your location, you should be able to view it on the show's home page. More...

May 11 2010

(SPOILER) Preview for next week's episode of Glee. This episode is directed by Joss and guest stars Neil Patrick Harris.

May 06 2010

More behind the scenes photos from Joss's episode of Glee. They're from the Glee page on Facebook.

May 02 2010

Iqbal Theba posts a great Glee wrap party photo of him, Joss, and their wives. AWWWWWWWW. More...

April 22 2010

Third Glee LP tracklisting revealed. There's one track featuring Neil Patrick Harris. More...

April 21 2010

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon's Glee episode 'Dream On' to air on May 18th. Spoiler tagged because of Fox's episode description.

April 13 2010

Joss Whedon on state of sci-fi: 'Many good shows are canceled early'. This brief interview was conducted at last night's Glee premiere party (spoilerish for Joss' upcoming episode).

April 07 2010

(SPOILER) Behind the scenes with Glee - featuring Joss and Neil. As seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

March 23 2010

Sue Sylvester talks about Neil Patrick Harris. A new Sue's Corner promo for Glee discusses 'sneaky gays'.

March 15 2010

Cory Monteith praises Joss, NPH. Interview with Cory Monteith (Glee) touches on what it's like working with Joss. More...

March 04 2010

(SPOILER) More details on NPH's Glee role. EW's Michael Ausiello lists a plot summary and confirms that Joss is directing the episode.

February 25 2010

Dr. Horrible joins Glee club! E!'s Kristin confirms episode with Neil Patrick Harris is now being written.

January 26 2010

Joss says "I do hope to create something in this calendar year". He also talks about Dr Horrible 2 and his upcoming Glee episode (and whether Neil Patrick Harris will guest).

January 18 2010

Joss and NPH to reunite- on Glee? Ausiello says they're waiting on the okay from CBS. More...

December 03 2009

The Watcher talks to Joss about...lots of stuff. Including Dollhouse, Fox's "twitchy" reaction to sexual themes, Dr Horrible 2, Glee, Terminator, Web ventures.

November 09 2009

Joss Whedon talks Glee, Terminator and the Dr Horrible sequel. He's willing to go up to $15,000 for the Terminator franchise, he'll be shooting the Glee episode in March (it's his favourite new show) and he thinks Horrible Turn is "itsy kitschy glitzy" (turns out it should be "itsy kitsy goodsy") .

November 07 2009

Joss is "really excited" to direct Glee episode, says cast. Cory Montieth (Finn) tells MTV's Hollywood Crush that "it's good to have a talented fan directing the show".

October 19 2009

Joss Whedon to direct one of the back-nine episodes of GLEE. I feel like crying tears of joy right now. Update: Joss comments.

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