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April 04 2007

Keep the Fringe Flyin drive resulted in $3400 donated to Fringe Theatre Adventures. From the website "This drive is a reflection of our shared appreciation and admiration of Nathan Fillion and his work, of the Edmonton community, and of the nurturing environment the Fringe Theatre provides for artists and audiences alike. We are especially honored to present this donation on behalf of Nathan Fillion's fans in celebration of his birthday!" More...

December 14 2006

Good Works Presents featured in Edmonton Journal. The charity drive to benefit Edmonton's Fringe Fest in honour of Nathan Fillion's Birthday is featured in this article(and linked to on the front page). So far $2200 canadian has been raised(and his birthday is still 3 months away). The article also mentions that the organization had a charity raffle at the firefly "convention". More...

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