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May 29 2009

Google's new "Wave"; was the name actually inspired by Firefly? Curious if the name of Google's new application called "Wave" might be Whedon-inspired, I watched the developer preview... More...

September 02 2008

Is Google part of the ELoE? Check out the people chatting in panel two of this leaked Scott McCloud comic for Google's new web browser. Seems like a certain someone may be hanging out at Mountain View... More...

April 26 2007

Add Whedonesque to your startpage. Google provides a fun and easy way to keep tabs on the Whedonverse. More...

May 11 2006

How much interest is there in Joss Whedon? Google's new Trends feature aims to teach, based on search engine usage. See also: Buffy, Angel and Serenity. More...

November 04 2005

Google Print does Joss Whedon. Read on to find out how to read hundreds of books referencing Joss Whedon online, including the delights "The Complete Guide to Television and Movie Drinking", "The Image and Role of the Librarian" and "Life or movie: Which Comes First?". (req may be required). More...

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