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June 06 2011

Video Interview with Nathan Fillion on Green Lantern: Emerald Knight. Various video bits from the interview with Nathan at Warner Bros on his GL:EK recording day have been edited together into a longish video including bits that I hadn't seen reported before. (It's the big center video on the web page.) More...

February 23 2011

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Trailer! The animated film features the voice of Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, and will be released in June!

May 24 2009

Fan-made Green Lantern Trailer with Nathan Fillion. A wonderful imagining of Nathan Fillion as the Green Lantern in this fan-made live action trailer. Link via Bonniegrrl on Twitter.

May 20 2009

Juliet Landau in "Green Lantern: First Flight". The actress lends her voice to a "sultry alien" in the new animated movie by WB Green Lantern: First Flight. In this brief interview she also talks about the Drusilla arc she's co-writing with Brian Lynch and other projects.

February 26 2009

Juliet Landau - back in Sunnydale. She speaks to about her upcoming Angel comic book story, voicing a character in the Green Lantern animated movie and her short films as well.

February 20 2008

David Boreanaz talks Green Lantern. He provides the voice of the character for the highly anticipated animated DVD movie "Justice League: The New Frontier".

February 24 2007

David Boreanaz in new Justice League animated DVD movie. He'll providing the voice of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in the adaptation of the critically acclaimed DC mini-series "Justice League: The New Frontier". More...

January 13 2007

Charisma vs. Morena - results of the Wizard Wonder Woman poll. It was a pretty clear cut victory for one of the actresses (spoilers for Veronica Mars S3 Ep 1 btw). And Wizard Universe are currently running another comic book casting poll where Nathan Fillion is one of the choices for who should play Green Lantern.

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