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January 23 2012

Summer in Seattle. Summer Glau will be a guest star on Grey's Anatomy. Will she be a patient, doctor, family member, or a new crush? Which would you like to see her portray?

January 05 2011

Adam Busch to guest on Grey's Anatomy. His episode will air on January 13th.

November 04 2010

(SPOILER) Tonight on US network tv - a Whedonverse guest star extravaganza. Eliza Dushku is on 'The Big Bang Theory' at 8pm EST on CBS, Amber Benson guests on 'Grey's Anatomy' at 9pm EST on ABC followed by Nick Brendon appearing on 'Private Practice' at 10.01 pm EST.

January 20 2010

(SPOILER) Jossverse guest stars in Grey's Anatomy. J. August Richards and Sarah Paulson to guest in Grey's Anatomy.

October 24 2007

(SPOILER) Green's Anatomy. Seth Green talks to Mike Ausiello about how he got the gig on Grey's Anatomy, the top two shows on his wish list, and why he doesn't think he'll get a job on Heroes. The link contains spoilers for other shows.

July 27 2007

Marti Noxon talks Buffy season 8. Find out who she'd bring back if she were writing for the comic books. There's also some talk about her new show 'Private Practice".

March 13 2007

"Grey" Scale: Noxon earns exec stripes. Marti Noxon's been promoted from consulting producer to executive producer of "Grey's Anatomy" as part of her deal with ABC TV.

February 23 2007

Marti Noxon blogs "Grey's Anatomy". Marti talks about joining the Grey's Anatomy writing staff and co-writing last night's episode. More...

January 27 2007

(SPOILER) Marti Noxon to Write a Grey's Anatomy Episode. According to the blog, the episode (co-written with series creator Shonda Rhimes) airs in less than a month. Mention is at the bottom of the blog - so, if you didn't see this week's episode and don't want to read any spoilers, you can skip to the last five paragraphs. More...

January 21 2007

Marti Noxon now on Grey's Anatomy. If you watched the credits from last week's episode, you'd have seen that she's now a consulting producer for the show. More...

September 28 2006

Grey's Anatomy Creator Has Praise for Buffy. Shonda Rhimes describes her discovery of how good character development could be in series television. More...

March 17 2006

Creator of Grey's Anatomy says she can understand how fans take the show so seriously because she felt strongly about 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and was very emotional "about what happened to those characters". About halfway down the article.

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