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August 11 2009

Epitaph One as blogged by Anna Pickard of The Guardian. "Crikey, what a corker of an episode."

July 30 2009

Vote for Buffy or Firefly (or whatever) in the Guardian's "what's the best TV show of this decade?" I have no idea whether this is UK only or not. The Wire is currently in the lead.

July 21 2009

Dollhouse episode 10 blogged by the Guardian's Anna Pickard. Anna's a bit disappointed. More...

June 16 2009

Dollhouse: True Believer blogged by The Guardian's Anna Pickard. "Perfectly executed Dollhouse engagements to date: 0".

April 17 2007

The Guardian's Cable Girl bemoans WW's loss of Joss.

October 22 2005

How fans fight back. Article in "The Guardian" about fan support for axed TV shows has mentions of the BDM and a nice picture of River to boot. More...

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