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October 31 2016

The ten greatest Halloween TV episodes ever. Find out which Buffy episode made this Guardian list.

October 30 2015

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: Revisiting four classic Halloween episodes. Just in time for tomorrow!

October 31 2014

Adam Baldwin narrates "Maurice the Morose Clown" in a Halloween short film. Written and directed by Darren Field, a British Browncoat. More...

October 27 2014

7 Halloween themed TV episodes that are scary good. This Nerdist list includes two Buffyverse episodes and another special Whedonverse-related mention.

June 30 2013

A bit more information about the The Cabin in the Woods haunted house. As mentioned previously, Universal Studios in Orlando is building a full Cabin set for their Halloween celebration. It will include the forest, the cabin, and the facility. Sounds awesome. More...

October 31 2012

Seven horror movie characters Joss loves. Just in time for Halloween, Joss lists his seven favorite horror characters.

October 28 2009

Buffy wins poll for best Halloween TV shows. TV Without Pity put together a list of the top ten Halloween TV shows. "Halloween", which introduced us to Ethan Rayne and featured Oz still looking for Willow, and "Fear Itself", featuring Anya in a bunny suit and Giles with a handy tool, tied for first place. Episodes from "Bones", "Supernatural" and "How I Met Your Mother" also made the list.

October 27 2009

31 Classic Halloween episodes and specials. Both Angel and Buffy episodes make the list.

October 11 2009

(SPOILER) Halloween episode of Castle will have a nice treat for Firefly fans. What a fine brown coat! More...

October 28 2008

The Totally Rad Show Has Love For Captain Hammer. For the Halloween episode of TRS, justice has a new name. And the name that it has, besides justice, is Jeff Cannata. More...

October 09 2008

You can now carve your own Dr. Horrible jack-o-lantern for Halloween. There's also a Captain Hammer pumpkin carving template here.

September 16 2008

Los Angeles Screening of Dr. Horrible and The Guild. Whedonopolis presents a charity screening on Halloween.

October 30 2007

How Artistically-Inclined Browncoats Celebrate Halloween. /film includes a Serenity-themed entry in Part 2 of their selection of the best cinematic pumpkin carvings. More...

October 26 2007

Buffy tops favorite Halloween episodes. A few weeks ago, our Asks... blog invited readers to share their recollections of TV's most memorable Halloween-themed episodes of past and present shows. Buffy episodes "Halloween" and "Fear Itself" made the list.

October 31 2006's Top 11 Scream Queens. Sarah Michelle Gellar comes in at number two in this Halloween inspired list.

October 29 2006

BtVS special effects makeup artist offers tips to ratchet up the ew this Halloween. Accompanying photo and some of the article are a bit graphic & gross, but if you're looking for that special recipe to gore up it up next week, Kelman's your man.

October 21 2006

What to watch at Halloween? Buffy of course! TV Guide picks the classic Buffy season 2 episode 'Halloween' as one of their favourite All Hallow's Eve tv specials. More...

September 25 2006

From Bram to Buffy: Dracula, and Other Vampires I've Known. There will be a discussion of vampires in popular culture--including, as the title suggests, Buffy--at the Nordonia Hills library in the Akron, Ohio area on October 5. More...

August 17 2006

More info on IDW's Angel: Masks. The comic book gets an extensive description, reasons why the comic got made (mainly felt-Angel) and new preview pages over at the Comics Continuum. Looks like a nice treat for tricks.

October 31 2005

Unshelved pays Halloween tribute to Serenity. Our favourite librarian and friends dress up as Mal, Inara and a Reaver for Halloween.

October 22 2005

The Fright Stuff - TV Guide covers Halloween. Have some fun with some Buffy and Angel nostalgia.

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