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September 22 2009

Halo 3 ODST (featuring Firefly cast members) out this week. Certain members now take on their same roles in a new title.

July 03 2009

Nathan Fillion Vid Interview on his Halo: ODST role and playing Halo. Also here is a ODST game trailer clip featuring him. More...

November 17 2008

Nathan Fillion joins the voice cast of Halo 3 Recon. Nathan will again be lending his talent to the Halo universe. He will be voicing one of four squad members that will be playable in the game. More...

March 30 2008

Loads of pics of Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk at the Halo 3 event. These are really good.

March 06 2008

Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk @ Halo 3 Event on March 20. "Hear the actors from Halo 3 discuss such topics such as "Killing Sprees", "Can Ladies Own?" and "What’s a Noob?". All this plus sweet video clips from online play and the chance for an audience member to play 1 on 1 with a Halo Pro, a must see!"

October 19 2007

(SPOILER) Mass Effect Voice Acting Videos Featuring Seth Green. Yet another high profile video game with one of our favorite actors in it! More...

August 24 2007

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion as a marine in "Halo 3" (Xbox 360). Nathan Fillion's voice spotted in a "Halo 3" preview clip. More...

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