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March 28 2015

(SPOILER) James Marsters joins HBO pilot about Salem Witch Trials. Marsters' role in The Devil You Know will be quite different than his role as Spike on Buffy. He'll play a minister who gets involved in the witch trials. More...

April 20 2014

Trailer for "The Normal Heart," starring Mark Ruffalo. HBO movie, based on the play by Larry Kramer, directed by Ryan Murphy.

July 30 2009

New tv shows for Marti Noxon. The first project is an untitled HBO series about 70s feminism and Diane Keaton is tapped for the lead. The second one is a small screen adaptation of Guillermo del Toro's vampire book "The Strain".

September 26 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar to star in HBO pilot. Apparently, Sarah is set to star in the new HBO half-hour, The Wonderful Maladys. She will also serve as Executive Producer, along with series creator Charles Randolph, should the pilot go to series. More...

June 03 2008

Early DVD details, cover pic and release date for "Recount". Written by Danny Strong.

September 25 2007

Casting Details for Danny Strong's 'Recount'. Kevin Spacey, Laura Dern, Denis Leary, John Hurt, and Bob Balaban star. More...

April 02 2007

Danny Strong writes 'Recount' screenplay for HBO. Good for him. Sydney Pollack will direct the film. More...

September 10 2006

Don't Forget! Serenity now airing on HBO! More...

August 02 2006

Serenity Moves to HBO. Serenity's HBO premiere is set for Saturday, September 9, at 6:00 p.m. Eastern. More...

November 28 2005

"Invisible Girl" Clea Duvall's prematurely canceled series "Carnivale" might return as a comic book. More...

July 19 2004

HB... Oh no not again, but what about Buffy. A short article talking about HBO's domination of the Emmy nominations, while shows like Buffy and Angel are constantly re-buffed by the mainstream award show. More...

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