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October 20 2009

HD Nation hearts Serenity on Blu-ray! 2 minutes and 46 seconds into this episode of the online tech series all about High Definition, the hosts briefly show their love for the BDM, calling it a "feel-good movie". More...

September 29 2009

Fox's 'Dollhouse' adopts P2 HD. A few thoughts about Dollhouse's new digital look for season 2 and some comments from the new Director of Photography, Lisa Wiegand.

May 02 2009

Dr. Horrible now available on Xbox Live Marketplace! Available in SD or HD! More...

March 07 2009

Watch Dollhouse episode 4 'Gray Hour' on Fox on Demand. Missed it last night? It's online at FOD. Or watch it on Hulu. It's also available for download on iTunes in SD and HD. More...

August 05 2008

Watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog in High Definition! Now available on Hulu.

June 18 2008

Special Give-Aways During Firefly on Universal HD. The Mods on the forum are giving away prizes when Firefly airs on Saturday nights. More...

April 08 2008

Firefly on Blu Ray confirmed! Contacts at Fox confirmed to that the upcoming release of Firefly is on Blu Ray. More...

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