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January 06 2008 lists Firefly Series on Blu-ray Disc. Looks like Firefly the series may get the full high definition experience for home users of the Blu-ray format. More...

January 14 2007

HD-DVD copy protection cracked - with Serenity. A few weeks ago, somebody cracked HD-DVD, but didn't release the 'keys' needed, but hinted about them - including the word "Reaver". They're now available, so discs can be copied. The title which was first used to break the keys and encryption? Serenity. More...

October 19 2006

Serenity HD-DVD to be released in the UK. DVD Times reports that the movie will be amongst the first wave of UK releases on the 13th of November.

July 29 2006

Slither on dual format DVD and HD-DVD. I didn't even know dual format existed before I saw this. It's awful pretty. More...

July 17 2006

DVD Times reviews the High Definition Serenity DVD. After reading this review, you might be convinced to upgrade your home entertainment system.

April 24 2006

DVD Talk reviews the Serenity HD-DVD. Got to love a review that the photographic style "doesn't necessarily look like a crisp and antiseptic Star Trek movie". This is probably the most authoritative review of the HD-DVD to date. More...

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