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June 18 2006

Not since Buffy the Vampire Slayer has Matt Roush had to defend his love for a show simply due to its title, said the TV critic in talking about how he has to do the same thing for Battlestar Galactica. More...

June 15 2006

Positive NY Times review of "Hex". Rather favorable review of this show that many Whedonesquers have reviled. Takes a few sideswipes at Buffy, too (reg req). More...

June 08 2006

BBC America show 'Hex' billed as a "British Buffy". The show follows a teenage girl at her boarding school who sees premonitions of the past. The New York Daily News says similarities are obvious.

April 26 2006

"Hex" Gets Axed. The show that's been referred to as the "British Buffy" has been cancelled due to low ratings. More...

September 18 2005

The Second Season of 'Hex' begins tonight at 9pm. The "British Buffy" which turned out to be popular among UK viewers returns on Sky One tonight, beginning an extended run of 13 episodes. More...

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