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August 21 2013

(SPOILER) Interview with Morena Baccarin. TVFanatic chats with Morena Baccarin about her Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Emmy nomination and Season 3 of Homeland, among other things.

January 24 2012

Morena Baccarin on 'Conan'. Morena was on "Conan" last night to promote "Homeland," and had funny stories about her mom, a presidential fan and Damien Lewis getting her underwear by mistake!

November 05 2011

(SPOILER) Interview with Morena Baccarin. A nice interview with Morena about her new show Homeland. Includes spoilers for that show.

October 03 2011

TV Guide cheers Morena Baccarin's performance in Homeland. Short, but very complimentary.

September 17 2011

Watch the pilot for Morena Baccarin's new show 'Homeland'. Looks like it can be viewed if you live outside the United States.

May 31 2011

Morena Baccarin joins Showtime series "Homeland." Series also stars Mandy Patinkin and Damian Lewis. From "24" vets Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa.

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